Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late Sunday Tale

I was near chengalpet last Sunday and it rained heavily for more than an hour in noon and I enjoyed it never like the one in lately. There we went to one of our grandma’s home and it lays outskirt of the town and being spacious and calm and surrounded by hills, I loved being there always and in our school days, it’s our most favorite place for vacation. And more than these all, I loved the company of my uncle and aunt – who was my best friend then, and we roamed everywhere along with them and my uncle had a bicycle and he take me around village’s, fields and we simply go and have a cuppa at the main road.
Today the life turned to be different, but memories constant and when I come across those places, I recollect the moments passed. Since my grandma’s family was moved near to Chennai, we hardly visit the place and home was closed almost with regular visit by uncle on week’s basis, and this time we went along with them just like that and had lunch and returned by evening. What makes this travel special was the heavy rain that last more than an hour and I enjoyed in the drizzle, along the fragrance of rain and pleasant weather, and as soon the rain stops I found interest on the dew drops on leaves and a millipede on multi pace.
a millipede on multi pace
We always take the road via thiruporur, since the road passes through villages, forest, and nature being and less traffic pollution. On this stretch I always come across monkeys and for nearly a km there are Palmyra trees grown both sides of the road, standing in a row making narrow the road. I always wonder looking at these trees how narrow they have been planted in a row and this place had come in some old movies. Passing through this way in night always seems scare and it remains very dark. It’s a single lane for ages and never turned to be better, and if any vehicles come at either side, one had to go off-road to leave way to other. Only few kms of this road had been widened and have smooth surface.
Rows of Palmyra
Being surrounded by forest and hills, this place receives monkeys often. They always come and sit on the walls and if we’re little careless they enter the home and take anything caught up there eyes and more or less make trees damage and mess up the walls. This time also I saw few monkeys and one caring its kid under its back. Grandma had recently painted her home in striking green color and made certain they aren’t exception in the current trend of painting homes in pretty colors. Unlike other places, it receives heavy rain always and few kms away from their home there was no evidence of showering and by evening we returned home via ECR.
striking green


Jeeves said...

Looks like someone had nice fun

Anya said...

You have a very modern grandmother Jeevan,
so fresh lovely colored house ^__^
(Funny trees on that road,
so thin in the top ...... LOL)

Kavi said...

I can completely agree with the Anyas comment !! Its just super awesome to see the whole place in that sparkling colour and scenery and your grandmas love !!

yamini meduri said...

nice post jeevan...!!!

read you after a long time...and i can feel the freshness of your posts....!!!

how are you doing friend???

Priya said...

Love that house color so bright and beautiful. Nice pics.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great shots Jeevan! Makes me very nostalgic about the wonder south..... my home!

Jeevan said...

Jeeves – Thanks

Anya – Thank you buddy. I think she wanted her home to be looked alike others, whom have pained in bright.

Kavi – Thank you buddy. it was striking really green everywhere.

Yamini – Thanks for being here dear. I am going fine and hope u r back to regular blogging.

Priya – Thank you

Rakesh – Thanks bro, nice to know it remind your home :)

Anonymous said...

WoW...some simply beautifully captured shots....nice reading!

Babli said...

Lovely post with beautiful photos. I liked this post very much.

Anonymous said...

I love raindrops on laves too much, though I have never captured them.