Friday, August 21, 2009

School for MD in Chennai

First time in India, a special school for Muscular Dystrophy students is inaugurated by Chennai Corporation on Thursday. In presence of Chennai Mayar M. Subramanian, deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin opened the school for children with MD in his own assemble constituency Thousand Lights. With adequate facilities for wheelchair movements in barrier-free environment and spacious restrooms with specially designed toilet seats, the school provides education along with physiotherapy and speech therapy.

The deputy chief minister says “the school is opened on past prime minster Rajive Gandhi’s birthday, who was interested on the development of youngster society. Not alone the corporation and government, even the service organization should take part in this to make it success.” It’s been 3 years since I heard the MDA announced to begin a special school for MD children and it happens at last. It seems there’re 3,000 MD patients in Chennai and about 30,000 throughout Tamil Nadu.

Being one and faced the trouble with MD, and going to school alike normal children is not easy, and many a students are forced to use wheelchairs when come to a certain age and period, and with the familiar Duchenne muscular dystrophy, students are dropped out of school for inconvenient. I agree, we need certain basic education to develop our knowledge and to communicate with world, and also to express about our sense and knowledge we gain through our experience.

So far 28 students have been registered with the school and the corporation teachers are trained to handle these students, the government is requested to provide special buses to this school. Must thank Union minister of state for Social Justice and Empowerment D. Napoleaon and Mayar M. Subramanian for being known the importance themselves and being a parents of MD children, must sure impressed upon leaders to open this school.

Report on inauguration here


Ghost Particle said...

this is excellent news nanba, waited for so long for this. may this be the beginning of many good things. i was hoping more into the research line as well.

thanks for sharing.


Anya said...

That is WONDERFUL news Jeevan :)
I now you was waiting for this,
I am so happy for all these students :)))

(When you visit me, you can see Nora a world famous cat she plays piano... :))))
I now you like this ..... LOL

Have a lovely weekend Jeevan :)

Priya said...

Thaz a great start for many who really need education and basic information.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice effort by the will really help so many people there.

Devika said...

Thats really good news, Jeevan :)


Kavi said...

Good news ! Things do happen in the government too ! I guess !!


I hope this is just a starting point and many more things will flow.

Rajesh said...

That is really great news. These kids need encouragement and understanding more than sympathy.

siva // ശിവ said...

It is a great news....

Babli said...

Thats an excellent news and I am very much delighted to hear about it. Very well written.

Anonymous said...

Truly a great news and you shared with us, thanks.

Anonymous said...


Well Written Pal... Keep it up.

I have already bookmarked your blog.

Will keep reading.

Cheers and Peace

Funlover said...

Can I get the details of the schools in Chennai for Muscular Dystrophy affected kids. My son is suffering from DMD and we are living in Ahmedabad.