Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A visit to Bryant Park

One evening we went to Bryant Park in kodaikanal and it has very nice footpaths now; to sustain smooth movement to check the beautiful flowers in clusters to various types, colors and fragrance. The Flowers on exhibit has many lovely roses on the right side, looking away the fully bloomed and damaged, the little ones draw me a lot.
smart indeed
The Bryant Park on the eastern side of the Lake is one important tourist attractions in kodaikanal and this park was planned and built by H.D.Bryant - a forest officer from Madurai, in 1908 and was named after him. The 20.5 acres of landscape garden has 325 species of trees including century old and conducts annual flower shows are in month of May.

There nothing attracts me like the flowers and being crowd less there’s no pressure of disturbance. The way it all arranged, simply observes. The dahlias seem so tiresome and head falls, and only to think so it was even-tide with minutes to go dusk, and looking away those purple flowers stands alike sticks, strikes me when I see it near to realize those are leaves that turns purple and pink when elevate.
Bryant Park
Bryant Park2
The park has green gardens that elevates with few conical trees and one tree has its part to attract to take few snaps with no fair back-ground. The other side of the park has thick grass floor to play and roll, and it has some designed structures of fruits, being cut down to sit around the white pillar, painted national flag and emblem on the top. I sense much cold here with tall trees closely surrounded.

It has an artificial pond looks alike and the flowers on exhibit looks pretty cool from the higher place. The park also has glass houses that said to have saved mist to keep some flowers exist and taking photos have been prohibited here, the steps doesn’t allow me to visit though. We spent sometime chatting over there on garden and enjoying the cold weather with clouds getting together to look alike yet to rain.
light rose
tiresome dahlias
There was a young couple, seems like came over to honeymoon, brought a camera man along with them and takes varies shots around the park, and comes up with some romancing shots lying on either laps. Everyone at present turns a quick look at them and few express in envy to have not such opportunities in there life at there early marriage. There was another guy lied down by facing the pillar, with hands as his pillows seems like thinking about his future and his mate sitting beside busy with cell phone.

national pillar - Bryant Park


Shuuro said...

beautiful pictures jeevan. wonderful description of the park and people there. good place for macro photography i suppose.

Kavi said...

I had near similar pictures and post. But if its the same place....its got to be so..right ?


Anya said...

Lovely colorful shots Jeevan,
its a very beautiful park :)

siva // ശിവ said...

I am too much impressed by this post....

Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful park Jeevan ! Full of beauty :)

Devika Jyothi said...

Beautiful park,
so much nice post, and pictures Jeevan :)


Sujata said...

Wow, nice colorful post Jeevan...very nice.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

This place is so similar to the botanical gardens in Ooty!

Miladysa said...

Very enjoyable post and lovely photographs - thank you :)

venuss66 said...

Beautiful pictures. I loved all of them.