Friday, November 20, 2009

A visit to Sai Baba Temple

Last Thursday we went to Injambakkam Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and it’s been long time since I visited the temple and it was my parents wish to take me along with them. Few years back I used to visit Sai baba temple often and most of the time it was mylapore temple, but I like visiting this temple more because of its clam environment.

Many changes have happened inside the temple complex and couple of shrines has been grown and new pavements been laid and along the spacious car parking, the temple looks more beautiful now; and peacefully located on the east coast is chirping by birds and green yards.
peace lamp
Every time we come around this temple, without our knowledge the streaming theme rubs our minds and conveys peace and serenity. I have some memories that always struggle to remember the debris I go through this temple and when I think back I could imagine the hardship moments I gone through in faith then. I can walk about those days, and the main shrine is elevated by few steps and climbing on it is a task for me and dad to carry, staring the steps and image in mind revolves rather, parents come after circumambulating the shrines.

The idol made of marble is east facing the sea and a huge hall to aid devotees to settle down for prayers and a lawn that leads a path close to sea. As we near to the main shrine, two women welcomed us with warm smile and offered us tea and biscuits. One of there is so kind and facing her sense me she is perhaps in some distress and I come across her smile again and later leave home with a bye. That small gesture of smile stays with me all and I could remember her visage among few strangest I never met again, but this women’s face is so familiar.

I wished later whatever she might go through get dissolved and peace prevailed in there lives. There are many crows inside the temple complex and everywhere there mess. I heard various chirps but only could see crows everywhere. There’s a small nursery and I’m not sure but anyone can devote a plant to temple it seems.

I couldn’t take my camera along with me, so i can't share any pictures of the temple! But this temple is so peaceful and pleasant to capture.


Kavi said...

Thanks for sharing ! God is indeed great !


Kavita Saharia said...

Lovely description Jeevan....devoting a plant to the temple is a very great thing to do.Thanks for sharing this .

Anya said...

I am late sorry haha..
Almost everyday a new post
Jeevan take it easy
blogging is just fun :-)

Nice written
I believe you it was beautiful

venuss66 said...

Thank you for sharing. Nice post.Take care.

Urmi said...

Wonderful post.Keep it up.

Resonator said...

Its one of my fav. place. A Temple near beach + Peaceful Place to meditate..

happy blogging