Saturday, December 12, 2009

A take

It’s been a while I blogged I know, and I wonder how I lack interest on blogging. I have been worrying a lot about my health these days and can’t avoid thinking a lot related to my health. We have consulted couple of doctors in meantime except our family doctor and one was a general physician, whom we met mistakenly instead of meeting a chest specialist.

First our doctor had preferred overdose tablets and it happens to reflect in some intestine problem in me and so we stopped the treatment for mucus clot and took medicine for intestine to settle down to accept the medicine. After checking with chest specialist, he revised the tablets and preferred mild ones so thus he could increase the tablets how far my body accepts.

I never thought it would take much time to get cure, when I came to know I need to take medicine for about 6 months to get dissolve completely the clot. More than the cause created by my health, it’s my mind that struggled a lot to cope with deficiency and still being in touch with the same set of mind, I’m trying hard to come out of the conflict I’m going through.

I find myself wondering at my attitude, thinking what others might think about my change in mind and seeking people. There’re many times I like being lonely and found bliss being alone, but it was totally different now and I really hate like never before being inside home and being alone. I must say my parents was my great support these days, and found what interest people.

I think sometime is relation mean only for celebration and people who can never think about us in meantime, what is there in celebration alone. Keep away the thought of others, I was thinking a lot about me these days and almost forgetting about everything and people, I exist in an unreal world where worries alone. I hope to be back in normal here soon and check everyone. Take care


Devika said...

Jeevan, i too think the only way you can have a healthy frame of mind is meeting people, being out with nature....A little time breathing fresh air in the greens will possibly change your mindframe,

But you should be resting when its needed- thinking too much about one's health and body isn't any time good...Don't are just fine,

take your times be back with your smile, dear :)

all my best,

Jeeves said...

Jeevan- Please take care. You will be well soon.

venus66 said...

Hi Jeevan, don't worry too much. I know it is not easy.Talk to your friends. Keep writing.Talk to the one above. He will surely take good care of you.Don't give up.
Things will be fine.
God Bless.

tulipspeaks said...

Take care of yourself bro!


Anya said...

I'm so happy to hear from you Jeevan I was really worried !!
Don't worry so much its not good for you, think positive my friend.
Keep blogging we need you all :-)
And be happy and laugh much its good for your health and mind !!

Every day you spend without a smile, is a lost day ...

(((HUGS)) from us
and TAKE CARE ......

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

I make you smile today
go look I now you will smile :-)

cyclopseven said...

Glad that you are back. But, sad to read about your current predicament. Jeevan, life has two sides. We usually choose to see the side that gives us happiness or pleasure, and ignore that which give us sorrow or pain. If we just care to dive deep into ourselves, we will come to realization that we are the life itself, and everything co-exists in mutual harmony within each one of us. The experience of duality is due to our mind perceiving thus, but this experience is to give us a better discrimination between good and bad. From your writings you are able to use the positive side of yours to discern the events in life. Jeevan, continue the medication and when you are depressed try not to be alone for it can aggravate your already challenged mind. As Devika said, meeting people is one of the way out for you. You can always mail me. Take care. God bless.

Lakshmi said...

medicines can cause more problems than curing and it affects the moods as well..take care

Kavi said...

Get well soon Jeevan. I am very confident that you will be back in your true spirit and verve.

Sometimes, we have to endure what comes our way, for it gets us stronger !

Keep it going. You will emerge a far more stronger and powerful personality.

view360 said...

forget the past, Today is the new day, Good things going to be happen and be confident..take care

Visit temples virtually it may be give some peace,


Ghost Particle said...

hows u doing bro?

Anonymous said...

Dude, first health then blogging. You take care too

Keshi said...

Jeevan Im here after a long time and to find u sad, made me very sad. *HUGZ*

I know what u mean though. Whenever things get me down, I focus my attention on something like music, writing, exercise or something that takes me away from the boring day to day life. u can write very well. And I suggest that u continue writing cos that will atleast take ur mind off what ur going thru. And there r alot of ppl here who truly care abt u, including myself. I really hope things will get better for ya. God bless.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too Jeevan! XOXO

TC & keep smiling

Bharath S said...

Hello Jeevan,

Please don't worry, I am sure you have all the strength and character to fight this out. God will not give you any challenges that you cannot handles. So keep up your optimistic frame of mind and I am sure, you will be alright soon.

Take good care and our prayers are all with you & your family.

Kind Regards,
Bharath S

Anna said...

Jeevan hope you are well. Please do not worry too much, because it creates extra stress on your body. However, please do take all steps to get well. I dropped by to wish you a happy holidays and Happy new year. Wishing you lots of good health. Anna :)