Monday, February 01, 2010

Christmas and Pongal Pictures

Glowing christmas
I did arranged with few things from the showcase on the Christmas Eve alike a year before, and burn few candles around it and thus it marked the event to glow. I was happy to play that moment by blowing candles and having chocolates, but by chance there was no one to share my joy except my mom.
Christmas Eve
Unlike Christmas, we had a wonderful moment at our native home on pongal, by celebrating the festival in a traditional way by making pongal in fire woods stove on the terrace and worshiping the greatest nature sun for producing heat to help us and our environment to survive in many ways.
Pongal 2010
Pongal 2010
It was something difficult for me to celebrate this festival on terrace, but giving importance to my interest and desire my parents prepared for this. People always prefer to celebrate the pongal in there homes and increase in nuclear families, the tradition is slowly decreases and ends in cooker whistle and television program. I always wish and think pongal isn’t a religious festival, it is a harvestival festival and thanksgiving to nature. In this way the world revolves and survives by nature and is made to share happiness, love and comfort.

In each and every way we’re occupying nature’s space and thus we all have a reason to celebrate in common, so why do we need a celebration in our home alone and why can’t make it as a event to get together where happiness and joy shares. I always wish the pongal is celebrated by inviting our neighbors, friends and relatives and make a equality pongal where our relationships are kept in touch.
Pongal 2010
Pongal 2010
I know I was late to produce this post and pictures here. I was taking these pictures with another camera and due to some virus in memory card it took this much time to deliver the pictures through photo studio. Thank you.
mom’s pongal kolam


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so full of life Jeevan. InDEED. :)
And you are right... Pongal should be for the right reasons seen as a harvest festival and as a common thanksgiving to Nature and not restricted on a religious post.
Refreshing read. :)

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant pictures Jeevan! Just about shows how much you guys value tradition!

Anya said...

Nice to know
more about your traditions !!!
I love the dress from your Mom
so different like ours
but its beautiful :-)

Jeeves said...

Lovely pictures. Thanks for posting

Kavi said...

Super pictures ! thanks for sharing !


venus66 said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing.

S B Tamare said...

nice blog and quite loving.

Devika said...

Very nice pictures, Jeevan :)

that Christmas photos are so cute and pongal ones, auspicious --


krystyna said...

A pongal celebration at your native home terrace is a great idea. As a harvest and thanksgiving festival brings people together, not only the family but also in the community in which we live. I like your idea and photos - reflect the atmosphere of tradition.

Anonymous said...

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Deepak Acharya said...

jeevan, they are really very nice images.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Pongal celebration there... :)
Ungal vaazhvil endrendum magizhchi ponga ennudaiya vaazhthukkall.