Thursday, March 18, 2010

A bit something

Tuesday was dad’s birthday and we went out for dinner, collecting food stuff from hot point and headed to beach. Wind was blowing well and sea gleaming with ships; it was pleasant moment we four of us shared the night together after long time.

The sea side wasn’t much vast empty and few street lights were out of focus, and the waves reflect clearly, and stars blinked brightly and a flight was passing across. We were till 10.Oclock at beach and dad been forgetting his birthday and since remind by noon, he wishes at least to take us out for dinner. Brother being a vegan, we can’t visit KFC or Food village in ECR what was in our mind then.

Unlike the treat in Hot Chips, ECR with favor and nothing more savor on the arrival of new Scorpio last month, it was sharing; love and nature embrace us more now. Moreover the roadside vendor or hot points round table, nothing deserves the flavor of closed woodland’s drive-in near Anna flyover. The evergreen trees and chirping birds and spacious car parking could never be replaced by any modern restaurant or drive-in or fast food.

Thinking about those days, whether it was hot and crisp dosai or puffed poori, still the blowing wind has the essence of woodland and the aroma comes over the air.


Anya said...

Happy Birthday for your Dad Jeevan
I hope the diner was yummieeeee...

Priya said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. Those aroma makes me hungry..

starry said...

Happy Birthday to your dad Jeevan.I think you had a fun filled day .I like a nice hot crispy dosa.

krystyna said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Beautiful "A bit something".

Take care dear Jeevan!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful. It is good to see family celebrating together.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Nice to hear. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

lakshmi said...

Nice to read. Brought some memories.