Friday, March 19, 2010

Life and relationship

I was watching a program ‘what happens?’ on television and the day’s topic was about a gigantic join family in Tamil Nadu. It was amazing to see about 175 persons living in a family, without any obstacle and misconception. Being a traditional join family, it’s astonishing to see there faith and hope to lead the family as it is forever.

It is impossible to think about joint families in today’s modern times and there’re many families only willing to separate as nuclear family and none is on course to merge the dispersed families. I’m someone always wish to survive within a join family, as I have experienced it back by sharing with my uncle’s family, I somehow know its advantage, potential and togetherness about living as a joint family.
My Family
(Its mom, dad and me. click here to enlarge)
Many relationships have turned into much selfish these days to distinguish everything to mind and its very little wonder to see how people have changed in attitude. I always remain to never change in attitude and not even willing to change even I feel different in mind and action, but people change, so we are likely to change, but still I hope in relationship.

Changing to much immobile, it’s getting harder for my parents to take care of me and it’s impossible to avoid the thoughts of relationships that refuse to come on desire and prevent assisting. It’s truly hurting to see many relationships are at enquiry level. I don’t know what’s matter in saying we’re relatives, when the relationship is just in query ‘how r u’? I know it’s a manner across world, but what makes deplore is when it stops at entry level. What is relation and what makes relationship is obvious, but the level of obtain is still debate.

When relatives come closer is, when we’re in happiness and death, and when we’re in suffering and in need of aid, everyone stance in distance. I wonder why relatives don’t come in distress and come on there way without invitations to share our happiness and wealth. I too wonder sometime what people might think or not about me in meantime meeting each others.

I always wish to share with relatives, who come and make desire words in seeking each others and pass like a passing clouds. I’m so innocent you know, whatever people say I hope in desire and expect it to be true. But the fact is still I believe in those people and even I come to a mind to accept and share with wiser, and when we face a distress or hardship only anger comes on them.

Is happiness alone life? Money is a magic tool and could disappear anytime or moment. So we can’t be happy alone with money, and it’s a matter nothing matter when it comes to relationship, because money doesn’t related people as relatives and it’s our elders and practicing kinship. And why I say this is because we’re most of the time surrounded by relatives often and neighbors and friends stay in distance; and we can’t expect them more after certain limit, but I often think and wish this distance should be reduced or break apart to showcase the world, that we’re relatives no matter what’s background.

When we die nothing much loses or bothers anyone except our family, very close relationships and trusties, but we can’t live as it is nothing bothers life after death. Relationships aren’t crunchy and munch we chew in time pass and while surrounded by boredom and something in demand. Life is not alone delivery and death that we exercise lonely, but relationship is a practice that comes along our life, through ups and downs, happiness and distress, success and lose, depression and love… but how many relationships follow this formula, life?

I usually think about others – and myself even it has some selfish, I does it because I’m someone who depend on others, and feel life is bliss only sharing with others, and when most of the relationships come under relatives, its distress to see that these relationships only comes along celebrations, happiness and events and unmindful otherwise. There was something disturbing me about distress and desire about close relationships, and thus this post and lately I’m so obvious about relationship, but still debate continues…


lakshmi said...

Hello! Nice to see your blog after long time. Good to know you are still blogging regularly.

Anonymous said...

hey jeevz, how are you? i am BACK!!!!

Kavi said...

yes the debate continues ! Joint families have come and gone. Nuclear families are here to stay.

We better get used to that idea !!

glad to see you back Jeevan !

cyclopseven said...

Each has its pros and cons....with the fast changing trends in the nature of work, perception and lifestyles..many prefer nuclear families. Rising cost of living is a main factor as well.

umi_e said...

Hi Jeevan...

Hope you keep strong :)

* I came from Anya's blog ;)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

glad the strong relationship with your parents keep you well and cared for.

V Rakesh said...

Well......such is life!

david santos said...

Hello, Jeevan!
Great work and very nice picture. Have a nice week.

starry said...

Very interesting post.Not all extended families work.It is good if they do.I sometimes feel the same way as you, you have many friends when everything is going good, friends tend to disappear once you are ill or if you have no money.It is sad but true.

Rajesh said...

Today joint family is becoming a rare concept. Families are going nuclear. I love joint family style. I long for those time as I myself now in nuclear family.

Anya said...

I love also my Mom and Dad :-)
Family is very important !!!!
Nice to your family :-)

(sorry I'm late its because my bithday !!!!!!!)

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I thought to write something and wrote something that interrupt my mind. It's actually a post about my anxious, but it was mislead as a join family matter :)

Babli said...

Very well written about the relationship which plays a vital role in our life. Parents are everything for us and they are like God. I liked your picture with uncle and aunty. Very nice, sweet and happy family. God bless you.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Dear Jeevan,
Your this post is very touching and has touched many aspects of discussions that came across to me as well.
My net thought or understanding is besides your parents rest all is for a meaning and for a purpose (not for all...some exceptions you have to carry it with) but yes, I believe what it says in Bhagvad Gita - you come alone and you leave alone :)
Just share your love and wisdom which will stay forever even if you are not there!
I pray for your happiness my dear
God Bless You and give strength to handle situations (emotions)appropriately