Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thinking about kingmaker on his birth occasion, I think it is his thought that put him on stage as a great leader to enhance governance. He isn’t educated by school, but his experience taught him lessons and he read peoples mind to understand the deficiency and necessity.

Thoughts aren’t captured in books or departmental stores; they are raised from the deep emotion.

I think many leaders don’t work with sense these days, so that many are still suffering from hardship and only with knowledge we can’t develop anything instead of destroying some more hearts. Whoever gains literate or immense knowledge doesn’t shine as much sense touch people’s hearts. There stands the Kamaraj who lead the state then with a sense and rule the country.

The politicians talk about him on occasions and pose like garlanding his statues and promise to bring the golden period again, but without a sense that past could not replace future, and it’s the thought and experience along with sense going to gain a better future. Today the education and knowledge has become business, the sense goes out in search of sum. The technology has arrived to make easer the lesson and knowledge at our laptop screen and practice through internet, we are out of sense to see and explore the essential commodity.

Let’s hope for a better future with sense and knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Two simple but hard-hitting and insightful lines make the post for me, Jeevan:

"Thoughts aren’t captured in books or departmental stores; they are raised from the deep emotion." - this was class!

"the sense goes out in search of sum." - educationists and those who pursue 'education' in whatever sense it is should read this line. There is so little in words but so much in thought.

You inspire :) Thanks :)

Devika said...

Good, relevant thought Jeevan :)

"Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians" - Allama Muhammad Iqbal said.

we need more poets and thinkers ---people with vision -- as politicians; hardly happens in the present day scenario of money and power-play,

but truly speaking....people no longer are looking upto government to earn their a way an open economy has helped; but ofcourse, not all,


V Rakesh said...

Wonderful post Jeevan! I believe that politicians these days cannot match up to their predecessor simply because there are so many complications today that they simply cannot stay that simple and austere!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful post. He is one of the greatest leaders.

Dawn said...

A very good post and indeed a thought provoking one too!

We need more visionary poets than greedy politicians!

Keep up the good work

Deepak Acharya said...

yes my friend, Let’s hope for a better future with sense and knowledge.