Thursday, July 08, 2010

Raavanan – the movie

Thinking it would be a lengthy movie, we headed fifteen minutes before the show time, but they stated only half an hour later. Thinking silly had they postpone the show or inadequate of current, since every lights are on and speakers tuned western, I wonder when the movie going to end, before it started.
Thinking about the movie and the hype and music that enhance the ears after many listening; the movie begins with the caption was just threatening and create excite accomplish by bang music. As the movie’s progress is well presumed refer to the title and media, the relish is little missing.

The movie revels outstanding in visual performance, which is the highlight of the movie and for this at least one should watch in theater.

Mani’s movies always lead confusion and unchanged attitude in dialogue delivery is one thing I don’t like his movies and thus in many places conversations lack understanding. Vikram has been used well in this movie, and his character of being a bravo tribe hero sense familiar but thought it’s completely belong to him alone and no one could replace his character.

Aiswariy rai is lovable as usual and through her stunning performance she astonish. I think anyone could do her role, but I doubt could anyone domain like her in exposure and thus I guess it is her beauty. Whereas the concern is expected between vikaram and prithive raj, the every other characters doesn’t seems or get importance. Prithive raj is perfect in appearance to match aiswariya and being a smart cop his role replaces the fury on his face.

Like never before, the athirappali falls in kerala is well captured in detail along the stunning leap and climb by the lead. Its adventure throughout, with no deep sense behind the tribal fight and a strong reason to kick start the fire. Like the most look after scene, the acrobatic stunt at the hanging bridge is just amazing! I was surprise to see the cenotaphs of Orchha that I lately learn in Rajesh’s post took screen in flashback.

The climax was realistic and left in a wonderful silent off the valley. The nature that exists throughout the movie is mist bound bliss. Raavanan – it’s a complete movie keeping away the commercial commitments.


Vinod Narayan said...

Saw the Hindi Version and it was a torture.

Nice to hear a better view with the Tamil version.

I think in Hindi having abhi and ash do the roles kind of got stuck in the throat unable to be swallowed

Also Abhi has miles to go to take a role of this level.

I have seen Vikram in Pitamagan where he has that dark tinge

Devika said...

seeing the trailer, i thoughtit's not my kind of movie...especially for the husband wanted to see...not yet, though

I do like most of Maniratnam's movies....especially the photography :)


Rajesh said...

Excellent review of the movie.

Anna said...

Jeevan thanks for the review. Its been 3 years or more since I visited movie theater, and it is getting very expensive around here. Most of low income families sometimes cannot afford it. Anna :)