Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neighbor Angels

I would say that all the kids in our apartment are cute and angels, who carries away the isolation into the air every evening. The calm environment would be cleared as soon they arrive from the school and there isn’t certain for their causing noise and merry trouble. There are more than a dozen children in our apartment and keeping away the teens, everyone go around the apartment in there cycle and keep on gossiping until they leave by 6 or 6.30 to study at home.
Neighbor angels
The above three in the picture were the most active children and could be seen often playing and merrily go around in their cycle. Being similar in age group, they share there by-cycle easily and be cool always like no other responsibility, unlike their elder ones who spent less time to amusement and keep themselves distance with books and studies. Being a dog dweller, no kid will come near our home, but everyone’s excite about the dog and would call from far away, except the one who wish to come near and being younger to all, will convey me his wish by a hand movement and smile seeing me far or near.

He’s one of the darlings of the apartment and he walk pretty like a toddler walking and cute enough to capture our heart! Soundariya, Ammu and Varshini are the names of the kids in the picture and to say about them in a line: Soundariya is much talkative and kind enough to be humble in consoling her mates by giving anything to keep them from distress and cry. About ammu, she’s a cheering girl among the kids and always keeps a smile on her face and thus charming.
Fancy dress Ammu
I see her from crawling and she’s one cute being hold a post in my blog then, and wonderfully never changed in attitude of being so enchant. I amaze looking at her brother, whom I mention as darling of the apartment resembles her in every aspect and movement. He has a mysterious name called putta, which I guess it to be a nick name as he’s very little! Coming to Varshini, she is cute, brisk and bold, but teardrop for everything being silly and nothing and blame that no one let her live happily.

She’s so funny that times and I have listened her singing while playing and being at bathroom… which is against our bedroom, a block apart. She has a sweet tone and adorable while she fondle kids and convey to our pet maya. I never been close to these kids but I just know very little about them though observing their activities and manner they share with others. Evenings are the only time these kids come out and I love being outside to just watch them and wish I were among the kids being so nice and happy.


Kavi said...

Awesome evenings ! Looks like ! Enjoy !

V Rakesh said...

Wonderful post Jeevan! Its absolutely blissful to be surrounded by children!

cyclopseven said...

Children are fun to be with:)

Babli said...

Thanks for your lovely comment.
I liked your post very much. Very beautiful photos of the children. Its always fun, enjoyment and great excitement to be with little children.

Babli said...

You are welcome in my new post -

krystyna said...

I also love children,
I like to watch how they play, children are spontaneous and beautiful.

I like how you warmly presented your small neighbors.

Beautiful photos!

Rajesh said...

Kids are always fun. They are in their own beautiful world.

Anonymous said...

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