Friday, October 15, 2010

Anna Park, Yercaud

In front of anna park
There’s nothing greater to describe about this park which lies in the center place of yercaud, but it has something to welcome visitors those visit yercaud. After searching for a botanical garden indicated by the sign board, which was nothing but a horticulture center that one needs to climb steep and steps, thus we landed in Anna Park.
red salvias carpet
This is a small park like garden with some beautiful flowers and roses in varies colors are the main attracts of the park. One part of the park decorates the red salvias, which looks like red carpet spread for visitor’s sight. In between shines the marigold alike the yellow bulbs and there are dual code marigolds too with red petals around it.

We head there in evening and it was cool enough to carry away in breeze since it looks like to drizzle quickly so as the dark clouds were covering the sky. We relaxed there some time on the green carpet and it wasn’t quiet as it was nearby roadside and summer time to be, so little crowded and children making noise by enjoying the slide.
Children enjoy sliding
The slide was something has the same way to climb and slide thus the cage like ladder to climb was locked, it was amuse and disturbing to see how children balance in sliding and slip down in unable. There were many white roses, some wild and pure white in bunches. There was a pretty orange rose with an umbrella like petal partly covering the pollen and it was interesting to see and capture a bee that come across collects the nectar and flew away instantly.
bee in
The fountain in the park center splashes nicely for some time goes off immediately before me likely to go near to enjoy the sprinkle. The park also exhibits nursery with yellow, orange and red flowering plants which could grow perfectly in hills alone, disappointed me later buying few roses and marigold in which only a rose blooms at home. Even it sounds noisier around the park, the three guys uncared about what’s happening around, enjoys there deep slumber in the lawn, beneath the decorative areca palms.
colorful marigolds
While visiting the park we received a call from a cousin, and when talking casually we surprise to know that they were too in yercaud. It was a great coincident and we know they were on traveling, but never thought we would meet at some point. After having cup of coffee and by receiving them and chatting over our journeys we apart to stay there and they continued their travel to Salem.

Later we spent some time in the lake bank and looking over the pedal boats rolling their latter rounds around the dazzling fountain in center of the lake. We spent there almost it went dark and moved to room only after clouds drive us before the thunder storm struck the yercaud that night.
dazzling fountain


Ash said...

Very nice images - gorgeous flowers, fountains and of course - very nice to see you too!

Kavi said...

lovely images Jeevan

Anna said...

Jeevan nice to know that there is a park with my name on it. How nice. Thanks for the footage, and yes what a coincidence. Take care and hope all is well. Anna :)

venus66 said...

Simply beautiful. Nice to see you too. Hope you doing good. Take care. Hugs!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful park with beautiful flowers. They are very colorful

V Rakesh said...

Wonderful pictures, Jeevan! Awesome!

krystyna said...

Wonderful pictures, Jeevan!
You always have a luck to
something which is difficult to grasp.

Rose and a bee,
mood of joy
among the children
and of course your meeting with the cousins -
what the unique events.

Thanks Jeevan,
I really enjoyed my visit here.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

Hi Jeevan! how are you dear???

i always love your posts. love and admire the way you see things. your pics are always a treat to the eye :)

Kamini said...

I have always wanted to visit Yercaud - your photos are so lovely, I want to go even more now!
Thanks for sharing this with us.

geeth said...

Nice and unique rose.. and great that you captured the bee in it :)
Nice shot!