Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Striking blue marina

pretty blue sky
I saw the sky, it was blue
far away clouds gloom
thinking down, it was drizzly dawn
we head to beach
before sun settle down.

The passing clouds drop shadows
reflecting its grey shades
on the golden sand grains
thus sun strikes with rays
to squint glare sight

Coexist with two smart kids
and a brat, who isn’t bad enough
though similar to several kids
climbs the granite slabs
and rolls on the sand grains
striking marina
It was unlike a Sunday
missing those batting stumps
and lads cross-cut with catchs
except slow pace women police
and fast track bike riders.

The crowd pulling marina
was indifferent due to early eve
begins the process of mobile vendors
to arouse stoves and operate machines
for spicy bajji and sugarcane juice

That was a day end in marina
collecting shells by kids
and cradle for crabs in hot sand
thus grabbing groundnuts
spouse with Sunday for rupees 10.
sea way tasty food


Devika said...

Was in Marina Beach a few times years before...Nice reading, and Nice photos, Jeevan...that last sea food joint-- is a food for thought? :)


Tammie Lee said...

wonderful post, full of beauty.

Lakshmi said...

missing the beach :) beautiful blue skies

V Rakesh said...

Ah! Blue skies and beyond! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...


Indrani said...

Beautiful pics and great lines. :)

Ash said...

Crisp blue sky indeed. Lovely!!

Kavi said...

Fantastic !

geeth said...

Marina sounds better in the poem,
Marina looks good in the pictures!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of Marina beach. I have not seen it with so less people.

Kamini said...

You made me nostalgic for my childhood days when I went every weekend to Marina Beach. Very nice post.