Monday, November 01, 2010

Access deepavali

Deepavali is at corner (friday) and thinking about it excite me a lot and deepavali is a festival of lights delighted by everyone, whether they celebrate it or not, watching the light arrangements at home and colorful display of firecrackers at night let us into the mood of celebration and happiness. From childhood deepavali means firecrackers to me and the sound of crackers which sustain me awake throughout night hold me when it will dawn.

Those are days gone by playing with lot of crackers, sharing along with neighbor and friends who brought up with their crackers, it’s a non-stop celebration throughout the day and contest within who throw much litter before their courtyards. Lately life is so different and I still continue to buy crackers and let others play and I watch it enthusiastically happily.
(The Talk of the town is about the 1 million visitors to the shopping street T.Nagar in Chennai for deepavali purchase on Sunday.)
Seeing now how things have changed and the interests of people on deepavali are towards shopping and caught up with new release movies and watch television at home and brought up sweets from shops. Like many others I don’t wish much for new clothes, and for me the sweet means the traditional athirasam we make a day before the festival. Whatever distracts the mind and body, the deepavali has the magic wand to replace it with energy and enthusiasm and watch the colorful display of crackers and surround sound disclose the secret joy.

Just turned everything into commercial these days, deepavali is the most important festival in country next to New Year and Christmas, the television and papers are loaded with lot of ads on discount and new offers causes more interest on deepavali and access joy. I understand the cause the festival expose on environment through pollution and noise disturbance by bursting cracker, but still I couldn’t stop this nuisance and trying hard to keep away this interest and at slow pace I have come down to noise-less crackers and more color to eyes.

Let we all celebrate this festival of lights with safe and secure, bringing more laughter blast and happiness into sharing with near and dear ones, with sweet. Whatever might be the reason behind this festival and faith, the overall happiness is much concern. Still being an ache arm, I somehow manage to write with an intense desire on deepavali. Advance wishes to everybody :)

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cyclopseven said...

Happy Deepavali to you too Jeevan. God bless.

Kavi said...

Advance wishes for a wonderful Deepavali !

Priya said...

Happy Diwali !!!

V Rakesh said...

Wishing you a very happy Deepavali! I saw this picture in the papers - unimaginable throng of people!

Devika said...

A Very Happy Deepavali, Jeevan, in advance,

nice reading the previous post as well :)


Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone. You too all have a wonderful and colorful festival of lights. Happy Deepavali :)

Rajesh said...

Times have changed. Yes it has become more commercial.

Wish you Happy Deepavali.

krystyna said...

Happy Deepevali to you Jeevan,
a festival of light and joy!

Lakshmi said...

Happy Deepavali to you ..hope you had a good time :)