Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Enthiran, the mass fiction!

After a month it releases, I watched Enthiran yesterday in the crowd less drive-in. When the movie was announced I was thinking then will it be a quite superstar movie or shanker’s science fiction, but almost it was a move gives importance to science and technology in shanker’s style and least scope for superstar to showcase his usual mass buildup.

The movie begins with no similar demonstration or huge fanfare following things to promote the actor or director’s kind of act. It’s new to a superstar movie to being simple cool in light blue. First impression is the best impression they would say, but I was slightly disappointed by the lack of contrast level on screen and comedian Karunas and Santhanam to go serious look. The comedy sucks with two good ones.
I couldn’t merge both superstar and the robot is one man in real and both characters stands separate on screen is pulse. The Robot Rajini impresses a lot and the strain the character could carry is obvious even still there’s lot of graphics. Aishwarya rai is very pretty cool in songs and love scenes those are least fraction. Irumbila oru Idayam and Arima arima songs are very well related to story and sequence and thus follwing songs Kaadal Anukkal and Kilimanjaro are forced into the subject. Thought nice with unique views and background!

Looking for logic in a fantasy movie is an immense deceives, but still there was something dashing at the end of robots destruction. There are many unbelievable facts on robots and abundant shapes and size for Tamil fans through graphics and mechanics. The end of robot was least fade with sorrow and the message was super.

Reading a blog related to the movie, I thought anyone could do a movie like this with foreign technicians and studious and it would be a movie similar to Hollywood. Then how come we say we had done something different and new? We could be glad if we had done this with our genuine technology and geniuses, who are very goes from here. Btw. Enthiran is an excellent movie to showcase the pride of Tamil cinema, with lots of uncertain and alien contribution.

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Rajesh said...

Very interesting review of the movie.

krystyna said...

I'm not a lover of science fiction movies,
but it's nice to see a play of Indian actors,
beauty costumes
and listen to music and singing.
A little bit I saw on YouTube.

Super review, Jeevan!

Ash said...

Must check this out!

geeth said...

The movie was a good change.. but I noticed that the oldies didn't enjoy the movie. They still preferred the conventional version of tamil movies. Nevertheless, I am proud of this high-tech Tamil movie! :)