Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Extend celebration

The Jal cyclone has extended the deepavali celebrations by let off schools and colleges on Monday. Thus the cousins who were supposed to leave on Sunday left on Monday gave us much time to share and enjoy the holidays. The tremble of Jal was something causing excitement as it was nearing from time to time and it was the wish of everyone that it produce much rain, but it disappoints as it fail to stand strong to sweep with rain.
Color fountain
This deepavali was truly nice by getting awake the usual way of watching television which includes in the tradition these days doesn’t stop us from the process of oil bathing, wearing newly cloths and having sweets and special cuisine for breakfast and lunch. By afternoon cousins and aunt came home to share the festival and they prepared cookies and snacks to share with our relatives and neighbors which we hold as traditions.
Sparkle deepavali
Meanwhile watching the non interesting television programs and crunching the cookies and snacks, we waited till the dusk to dawn so that we light crackers and look into the sky for fireworks display. Usual we leave to our grandma’s home in suburb (neelankarai) to light crackers as there is much space and being a posh area we get to sight fireworks from every direction which means two eyes not enough. This time the cousin sister and uncle joined enough to trigger fire and most of all, Standard fireworks worked and the local brands refuse to raise upwards sky.

This time we left many Outs known as fancy fireworks and 5000 wala which crackled well and slowly and leaving rocket is an interesting thing and they are funny too and dangerous. The other cousins, who had great fun at their home lighting fireworks, came next day with light crackers gave chance to play with fireworks again and it was nice and bound with sparkles. They stayed with us following post deepavali and the time swings slowly inside the home watching movies and doing something gently and kind arguments and fights.
It was drizzling often with a fire on news about the arriving Jal and what really triggers was the news about leave to schools in Chennai and its suburbs as it supports their vacation to deepavali by counted 5. As a presentation to deepavali, I bought a new Sony walkman which was in pending with a friend for him to return from US, who came later on deepavali handed over me. It was a very similar one to IPod 5G Nano and it has a superb sound and picture quality, and watching songs are simple awesome.

cousins playing with sparkles (video)


Kavi said...

Happy Deepavali indeed ! glad to know you had fun !

V Rakesh said...

Yeah, I breathed a sigh of relief that Jal finally fizzled out! Boy!

Good to know you guys had so much fun! And, many congratulations on your new toy!

Anya said...

I can SEE you had alot of fun :)
Enjoy ...... its good for all of us!

Its a big party on your country
those Deepavali festivals are...

Fun is the best there is Jeevan ;)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Header pic : Rangoli is beautiful. :)
Good to know that u had agreat time! :) Happy Diwali! :)
The first pic is really very beautiful. :)

Anna said...

Very nice festival to enjoy!
Thanks for sharing Jeevan.
Hope all is well with you.
Anna :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! Jeevan, your celebration brought memories of my childhood when I used to celebrate diwali by lighting all the heavy duty crackers :)
Nice to see you have not lost the spirit...keep it up buddy!
My best wishes always with you

sm said...

happy diwali

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. Wish you Happy Deepavali.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

Good to know that you have enjoyed. lovely pics depicting the colors of deepawali.

n i loved your new header a lot..lot.. and lot.

please post enlarged copies of them in ur blog.

Take care :)