Saturday, December 18, 2010

CRT out LED in

It’s been more than a year our 15 years old Onida CRT television lost its charm and fades away its dwelling colors to lose interest in watching television and thus gone off completely one Sunday from viewing programs and came to an end from proceeding. Unknown what to do in between before going for a new one, came the state governments free television scheme to aid our problem and that too we haven’t received yet then, we brought the one from our grandma’s home and used until we get a new one free .
LED TV  in home
It was time getting down to the least television set from the comfort viewing zone, and it wasn’t different rather except viewing more radiant in color and better viewing than just being. The one and a half year ran very quickly and it was for the Ayudha puja we brought the television to watch special programs and we hadn’t think for a new one in the active running until lately I found interest on LCD before I get to know about LED. I therefore thinking about the television to be best in quality and economically confine to cost of money, I went for the Samsung 26” LED TV after considering a lot about it in net and comparing it with similar products.

There is a reason why I go for Samsung immediately is because my computer monitor is Samsung which exists for a decade now without quite any trouble and if not the product is good it can’t withstand this much and I never want to give away my monitor and many have advice me to change for LCD, but I can’t think for another one when I am constant with the clarity and color which took back many into surprise. There are many advised us to buy a big TV but I have a different opinion with them about the size and viewing that LCD or LED having a wide screen it shows the objects broader and damaged pictures while watching nearer and I think these TVs should bought considering the viewing distance and the spacious of the rooms and what important is the picture quality and clarity and not the size.
We bought a new Samsung LED TV on Wednesday and the picture quality was excellent and the wide color enhancer plus the mega dynamic contrast cause an exciting viewing the vivid display. I can’t keep away from its art and technology series which shows everything so refreshing to views that where watch many times before. The other day I watched the famous Tamil movie Anbe Vaa, one of the leading colorful movies of its earlier introduction in Tamil cinema was something bliss watching it in the advanced series of technology and unlike before I enjoyed the song puthiya vaanam... captured in Shimla, just put me in surprise how pristine the picturizations were even in those earlier days and it was amazing while realizing now. Thanks to the new advanced television series that helps to review the revisited things refreshingly and new. I prefer this television mostly to watch movies and I have list of movies I wanted to watch only after getting a latest television has exist now and I wish to watch more movies further to enjoy the enhance and beauty along with art and technology.


V Rakesh said...

I watch very little television!

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Hello, Jeevan!
Brilliant posting and very nice picture! Congratulations! have a Gooyear 2011!
I love you!

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Congratulations !