Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Margazhi - the month of winter

The winter is here to feel us warm and cold by decrease in temperature and somehow cool in nights, it’s a wonderful month called Margazhi in Tamil which is my favorite season’s among. Thinking about Margazhi (winter) causes much cold to sense and memories which retrospect as memorable and introspective to refurbish the mind and body to exist as obvious content. Cold morning is the always delight of this season and one could truly feel refreshing waking up one early morning or go a walk in the chill dawn and breath the fresh air emerge with cold nor warm inside the blanket which don’t want to wake asleep.
Margazhi - a month of drawing kolam.
Margazhi is a month that pleases among the Hindu dwellers to draw kolam or rangoli – which is drawn by white powder or flour and adorn in color powder to catch anyone’s attention. Though many residences including ours drew kolam in front of the gate way all over the year, point it to make it something special throughout the month and those can’t make it certain for everyday takes this opportunity to showcase their skill, interest and joy on drawing kolam. Sweeping the gate way along sprinkle water is a way of activity before going into action that deserves much attention and calculation among dots depict the traditional art cause by women. It was something interests me to watch how mom or aunt nor the neighbors make it so perfect and colorful to devote their culture and perspective.

Not to mention this was a season of breeding mosquitoes after the cease of rain and everywhere it would be wet due to morning dews and snow, drawing kolam is not an easy task among balancing the mosquitoes and cold weather. I am not a person to wake upon every dawn of this month and I take the opportunity on the last day of the month which is celebrated as Bhogi festival in South India – a light of bonfire which is believed as driving away the bad by burning waste things from home. In the childhood days I am more passionate on celebrating the bhogi and hitting drums which is made of clay and buffaloes skin, aind I never slept so easily the night and wait awaked to hear the drum beats to indicate the dawn and almost it would be my friends to do it and we all go together around the neighborhood and celebrate the dawn with much warmth and pleasure on lighting on.
The month of Margazhi is devoted to dance and music, which is a sensitive season among the artistes involved in the completions and organizers of the concerts. There are many theatres conduct programs, including the traditional Music academy and Sabas (concert halls) involve in constant programming throughout the month and institutions like Kalakshetra prepare students for these completions. I haven’t been to any of these festivals that exhibit the finest classical dance and music and create paths to so many artistries to showcase their skill and let aware others about the art and tradition that increase interest among people. Though I like the traditional classical dance and music I interested to go for classic folk festivals which is organized by the month end of Margazhi called Chennai Sangamam, is creating more vibrant and charm for the last couple of years of its launch with variety of fork performances taking place in parks and open grounds.

The month of Margazhi begins in mid of December and continue to the mid of January is believed as auspicious among Hindu women’s to visit temple every morning and many young women in our neighborhood would check the temples daily without fail to get something as present or gift towards the end of the month. I always like the mild sunshine that peeks through structures and grille reflecting heat and light into home and the dry skin tone to look for the brief sense of light.
foggy evening
The prime cold of the year witness last Sunday to even hideaway the lighthouse of marina to the foggy weather in evening and been drizzling however the city reduced the temperature certainly. The unusual sea with raising waves about to chase seafront easily reminds me about the firmly tsunami which is suppose to commemorate on coming Sunday, which held back on the same day some 6 years before. More than the thought of striking tsunami that always holds back in memories and the distracted mind that took time to settle firmly, it was the very pleasant weather similar to ooty kodaikanal – the hill stations of the state, which took back. Moreover the winter is here, to relax and enjoy the warmth of mild coldness and sunshine that enhance along the enchanting festival season.


Pria said...

Seasons colors and start of the harvest festival too right.

Anya said...

Thanks for telling us
sound great winters in India !!!
I think I will immigrate ;)

Today we reveived 25 centimeter snow
Every day walking with the shovel :(
Its not funny anymore.

Enjoy your colorful festival :-)

Kareltje & Anya

Keshi said...

Sounds like it's a cool & colorful season over there in India Jeevan. Love the pics and the post, especially the!

Margazhi..what a beautiful name for a month!

I hope all is well with u Jeevan. I hvnt forgotten any of u..all of u r in my heart no matter where I go in life. I hope ur keeping well and that ur healthy n happy. I wish for u sunny days always..ur a wonderful friend.

A very Merry Christmas to ya Jeevan and may 2011 bring all ur dreams closer to ya! TC. XX

Much love

Sajna Aseef said...

Hi Jeevan....

I remembered this song..."Margazhi Poovae",I am a malayalee and never knew the meaning...I got to know the meaning and the feel of winter.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

Ash said...

I agree with Keshi - Margazhi is such a beautiful name. Reminds me of the song....margazhi poovey :-)

Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!

V Rakesh said...

A very interesting post!

Merry Christmas!

Devika said...

Margazhyil mallika poothaal Mannarkaadu pooram!

its old Malayalam song Jeevan & yes Ash has a new song there :)

Wish you and family and all here..a Very Merry Christmas, Jeevan :)


Jeevan said...

• Priya you are right and thanks for reminding me.

• Any time anya :) we wish for snow here, but its unbearable out there is different! Thank you and I hope you had a good time too. Take care dear

• Wow keshi! It was a good end of the year, because of your arrival of blog and visits us on love and interest. Thank you dear. It was really beautiful have you and no matter we love u back and show interest on friendship. I understand your regrets and concern dear and hope it was dream come true year for you. Hug

• Thank you Sanjna and am glad u know the meaning. Have a wonderful year ahead and cheerful moments on your way. Btw. Welcome here :)

• Thank you Ash! Hope you enjoyed the festival season and mood :)

• Thank you Rakesh!

• Thank you dear Devika. It must be a beautiful song too… :)