Friday, December 03, 2010

Things that hit me

In parents competition
children’s are runners...
towards praise and money.
The passion and carrier
comfort and style
wanna forget them later one night.

Some people spray their body
as if gonna hit cockroach...
thinking of self sustain
and confident, loses there sense.
Than intend to attract pleasantly
lose there fair to irritation.

The immature parents
dismantle their child’s deliberation...
before they are right before
rules the child unruly
who refuse to play the child’s role
and grows unsteadily fast.

p.s. Lately life dismantles from its robust and things happen on its own turn down the force to keep away from here. If neither it was cold nor the constantly troublesome computer, switch off me nearly from here and some more distractions and awkward mind refuse to sit down to share something with cold, which sustain for long unlike ever to troubleshoot.

The pulse of my computer began to drop day by day and before it hang completely, we restored the OS and thinking down everything is fine, the Ethernet connection lost it supply due to lose of motherboard software somewhere, we struggled to install it finally. While thinking to write something about, a short circuit at mid-night
melt down the PSU (power supply unit) of the CPU and if not noticed it then the whole system might be busted says the service bro, after changing it the other day. Hope there won’t be any troublesome for some time and to write more with no interference and unsound mind and body.


Kavi said...

Hope all is well with the computer and you as well !!


Babli said...

Fantastic post. Hope everything is fine now.
You are welcome at my new posts-

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem. Very realistic.