Saturday, January 29, 2011

Commit suicide (a debate)

It looks like life’s becoming tough everywhere and its common that everyone want to get away from any trouble and commit suicide is not a certain way of relief. Lately many people take this decision or I come to know certain that people had developed an impatient and unbearable towards suffering or pain which caused by anything. We are easy to blame others with uncertain about their situation and even thought we learn to work against such attitude we couldn’t do anything unless people realize it on own or think positive.

The thought to commit suicide mostly happens on desperate and mental torture when things go out of hand and it mostly happens among students and youngster who can’t succeed there courses or unsuccessful love or lead a struggled married life but rarely things come to unveil there are people too who suffer a unbearable physical pain or fall into fatal illness or accidents. Sometime or many a time there are chances to reduce the desperate or insane by expressing or sharing with someone or counselors who are intend to do that.

Expressing is a way of reducing stress - a gateway to immense trouble, and people who are open minded are easily come out of trouble but faces critics from outside to setback. I just think seeing such increase in incidents are the cause of inexpressive about their crisis or lack of listening power or impatient to be to understand one’s situation to aid or support the cause. I understand it’s easy to advice somebody to seek inspiration from others who struggle to survive or fight for living with immense trouble but its inaccurate to match one with others crisis and everyone has their own attitude to look into life.

It’s nature to think that ours is the largest trouble among others but what we see and sense could not be understood by anyone unless we expresses our desire which can’t be quite similar to understand. Whatever was the wisdom does not help here when we are unconscious about our decision. The thing of suicide is a matter of second’s decision to let others struggle for life time and again we can’t totally blame others for their right or wrong decision, but overall it’s unacceptable the concept of suicide... the debate continues in mind for some time.


Ash said...

Beautiful post, very well-written

"Expressing is a way of reducing stress"
I couldnt agree more.

Anonymous said...

"The thing of suicide is a matter of second’s decision to let others struggle for life time" - very well said Jeevan. Once this thought comes people will not follow through on their decision to end their life!

As you rightly said: pressure from others makes even expressive people not express. The debates continues... unfortunately... more fiercely than... ever

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
well said.when one's dearest is lost, this tendency to commit suicide looms larger, and even after six years after karthik, this wish is still haunting me.Brain has mastered and emotions subside.Just hoping for the best.
karthik amma

Hdaran said...

Jeevan, I admit to (being blamed or subject to sympathy; whichever way one chose to look at it) committing suicide myself. Definitely unsuccessful seeing this comment manifest (I don't think 'athma's without a body can type, or can they??).

Once a strong believer that such an act is beyond stupidity I never imagined myself succumbing to it.

Yet, here I am confessing. Whether or not this is acceptable, one thing that could maybe put this debate to ease (in yourself at least, I hope) is that there is never hope in death, and ALWAYS hope in life. Those who fail to see are merely redundant. Rather than seeing it as an issue worth debating, why don't you conclude it as an act of hopelessness, where it is a choice of life or nothing at all. Not a question of ethics rather a judgment of faith.

You yourself are inspirational!!!

Just a note from a 'drop of water in the ocean'. I'll be reading.

Take good care and good luck!!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I don't know Jeevan - whether or not that is the answer!

But I do know that a lot of people and steadily succumbing to the pressure!

Rajesh said...

Everyone feels that their trouble is greater than any other trouble that other face. Easy route is sucide.

Sajna Aseef said...

Jeevan : Dont U think there would not be anyone in this world who have felt I wish I cud just die or vansih from earth.....??Im sure there is and wud be....same with Suicides....I have felt it(let me admit)I guess I was strong enough to sort this issue wth myself or rather burst my feeling to someone i care.......This does not happen...Suicide comes into picture..I describe it as " A moment of giveup..."
Anyways good topic...:-)

cyclopseven said...

Well Jeevan, this is a peep into the psychological aspect of humankinds. For some people things become intolerable because the people around them do not understand what they are going through and another factor is that the indviduals themselves do not know what is right thing to do at that point of time. Though by expressing one's problems to others may help to solve or ease the problems, that alone is not a solution to fight this deadly tendency. A lot of other factors do play important part in determining the spiralling suicidal tendency in people. On the surface most people do not show any gross signs of depression, thus most of the time people close to them tends to overlook the subtle changes in them.

But, Jeevan you are one strong person who cared to leave behind that gnawing pain and share things with us in this blog. I salute you.

Read this if your are free:

Sree said...

I must say that I am a firm believer of hope,an optimist. Although ,I must admit that one can never compare the way we look at life and the problems that we come across.
Different people view things differently but I think there are a lot of people who aren't aware that committing suicide doesn't solve problems.

Awareness regarding self-destructive behaviors (committing suicide & such) should be spread and I feel that the more exposed and aware we are, the chances of us succumbing to such unnecessary decisions can be reduced.

Anyways,great post!

myonlyphoto said...

Jeevan I grew up in the town where suicide was very common, my co-worker committed suicide. I find very selfish in a way, but I also feel sadden that we were not able to recognize the internal suffering. The scary part is that sometimes it happens unexpected, you see that person happy, and next day they are gone. Excellent write up. Anna :)