Saturday, January 22, 2011

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In initial days I had no ideas what’s happening to me and I couldn’t realize or understand what’s stopping me from progress up on myself individually and I hate for not being able to cope up with others and felt that everyone leaves me behind to walk at slow pace and struggle to climb the stairs. I feel so disgrace for being distinct from other children and what others might think about me attitude refuses me to be easy always in streets and school and being unconcerned then it doesn’t mattered me more except few moments to be disgust.

I always avoid thinking back how life has been then struggling to go to school every day and mostly the thought of how to overcome the regret of people despite overviewed by students which sense me dislike and want to stop going to school and stay home to avoid fighting every day. Somehow I managed to complete certain class and thus I was later forced to a situation where I couldn’t concentration on anything, except how to manage the day without wetting trouser and falling down while reaching and leaving home.

I really don’t understand the seriousness of my problem until one day I see my parents coming out of the doctor’s clinic with tear eyes and the series of doctors been consulted couldn’t help me or my parent to console the grievance that I could depart certainly within a time. I couldn’t sense till somehow what an immense shatter it would be to break my parents hearts which I seen through their eyes and I always see their eyes to understand what they think or feel about and certainly there’s no end for their tears and the several treatment we had gone through doesn’t gave hand.

I could not say that all treatment haven’t support me a lot, but there are few treatments and equipments guided by doctors had hold me for some time and one among them had put me on calipers which supported me till a year aback. Over all the problem of Muscular Dystrophy was seen at a particular kind that was Duchenne, but only later we found that there are more than 44 types related to it and I was gladly to come under one category LGMD (limb-girdle muscular dystrophy) which is somehow a slow processor related to Duchenne which is more severe in this category.

Today I understand a lot about my problem and what kind of activates are better for good to add and bad to avoid. My problem is not very difficult to explain because its particular cause was loses of muscles strength and wherever there are muscles would lose it strength slowly towards quite loss of death and usually the lungs are main organs to disturbed often with infection and cold because of lack of resistance power, which I am suffering from lately. I know where my life leads so and I don’t worry about it right now since our life is inevitable and don’t know what will happen next moment. But I hope for a better future.


Lakshmi said...

jeevan, you are a source of strength and inspiration for all of is indeed inevitable, but living makes it worthwhile..I hope you have a wonderful future..keep blogging and sharing your thoughts

Devika Jyothi said...

Jeevan, despite your problems you look at life positively, with love and vivacity...that is the way :)

And rest, as Lakshmi says, writing it off definitely helps and once written off, and shared, the problem does not trouble you as much....even physical illness :)


Anya said...

I wish you a wonderful future Jeevan
You give everyone so much positive power (thanks for that my dear)
You are very positive
Its very good
Keep thinking that way always !!!


Sree's Views said...

Dear Jeevan,

God is always with you. You are Good Hearted and strong willed. You inspire all of us.

You are a bright star. Keep it up.

Voracious Blog Reader

Rajesh said...

You are a brave man and you are definitely source of inspiration for every one who is connected with you.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Jeevan - if anything I admire you for the persistence that you display to live well and learn well!

Good luck and God Bless!

geeth said...

You potray optimism and perseverance.. a great virtue. Your writing is our inspiration.. Take care.. and all will be good.

Jeevan said...

Thank you everyone for your greater support, love and encouragement... It’s truly inspiring me a lot to write and learn more in the world. As u all said it feels somehow comfort that I could express my feeling and certain here and it also feel so good that I could at least able to be a inspiration to all. I am glad that u all regards me as and it really wants one to do something when we are observed by others and thanks again for being there as my dear ones.

krystyna said...

Dear Jeevan, I am also with you.
Never lose your hope. It is never too late to heal yourself.
(and by yourself).
Today, I should not walking. I had serious trouble with walking since my childhood.
But today I feel well, I can walk without pain.
And all of this 'miracles' in my life primarily I owe myself.

I believe that you will be well soon.
You are smart, strong man. Do what you can do to help yourself, and believe in your success.

On my polish blog I also write about methods that have helped me. If you are interesting, write me. I show you which posts are the most important.You can use the translator. Translator is not perfect, but useful.

Take care Jeevan!
Thanks for sharing..
You are inspiration for many.

Deepak Acharya said...

And I too hope for a better future !!!

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
haven't you heard of Stephen Hawking, the greatest scientist who has the same problem, and was told that he would not see his 25th birthday. But look what is happening now? the whole world of scientists adore him as their god, and he has crossed more than sixty.
Who defines and decides what jeevan? Everyone thought that he would live for 100 years.But look what happened? I assure you you will live long.Be happy.Be optimistic.
karthik+amma [ with all blessings ]

Unknown said...

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