Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things happens beside (pongal)

This year’s Pongal was something very simple and somehow boring until cousins came home. The thought to celebrate the festival in a traditional way never comes home easily unless I force to make it rather like the former year where rice boils to firewood under sun light and sugarcanes to hold either on the terrace, we loud Pongalo Pongal as soon the milk boils over.

Every year I wish that Pongal happens in a village and this year we went further to plan a trip to join a Pongal celebration in a village but by chance we missed the opportunity for some reason in traveling and even though I’m happy that at least we gave such concern to plan and hope next year we visit villages on Pongal festival. The festival went off usually how Chennaities celebrate it in there cooking vessels in kitchen and later watch television programs and go out the last day to conclude the festival which is known as Kaanum Pongal.
pongal kolam
This year’s Pongal was something disastrous because of the deadliest accident happened in Kerala where more than 100 Ayappan devotes were killed due to the rollover of a jeep and following stampede in a hilly terrain. It was terrible to hear such an incident before yet to go into a festival mood and even it doesn’t much bothered here, its causes are sorrow. Unlike the obvious one above, one of my dears got into an accident and happened to fracture his wrist and even he’s not relatively close, I grown up by cutting my hairs from his hands since I remember.

What truly bother me was that within minutes he left our home finishing my hair cut he was hit by a share auto. I never saw a person like him, who never changed in his attitude and care for our entire family and closely associate with us since we began to practice. What touched me a lot was even in this condition with a fractured arm, he was thinks about my next hair cut which has a month time and there’re many barbershops in our neighbor and he employs many in his shops to serve and still he care for me is simply astonishing and such people are rare in this society.

He’s not alone a barber; he’s a finest Nadaswaram artist who performs for any rituals and temple festivals and there isn’t a function happen in our family certainly without his concert and we are not even to invite him, he understands and comes to play without an invitation and money comes next to him before us and anyone. I couldn’t say anything in front of things happen and I thought that moment what all his plans got disturbed because of his fracture and for a barber and who plays Nadaswaram the hands are very important and source of life and what he going to do having festivals at phase.

Beside these the festival days went off peaceful even there isn’t much happiness to cheers and experience to share, the last day went out on a brief ride on ECR and it was fun going along with cousins in car and chatting and teasing either. Everywhere it was congested on Kaanum pongal which is usual and to believe it was unusual to see so many people crowded the ECR till Mamallapuram. Yearly the counting just increases in crowd and never seems to reduce and it’s enchanting to see people crowded for happiness and fun! And I’m happy in sharing with you all.


Devika said...

Good read, Jeevan....Sabarimala tragedy was really sad and bad;

No words...


Sujata said...

I am sorry to hear about the tragedy in kerala. I prayer go to the loved ones...

Rajesh said...

Superb personality. It is the character that identifies one among the crowd.