Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tie up Interest

Like everybody I too have a lot of interest and passion to be but getting someone to accompany or support the cause could be little difficult and hardly impossible by quite minded and even though they are forced to be perhaps end up bored or annoyed. Even it is not right to urge anyone or those unconcern about our interest we are in need to withstand their disapproval manner if we are indent to do something indeed depend on them and only if we are certain about their despite we could go further quite comfort.

There is a tendency mind that always seeks to see is there any ways to satisfy their deeds done to us and think how certain are we about their interest. I always think two different things before going to ask someone aid that I don’t disturb their work concern and personal space, because it is very important to me more than my cause and thus because I too have my own life that I never what to be disturbed by others.

I miss many chances upon interest due to many other works of others and not intend to be free in time and more than that it’s their unconcern about my interest. Those are the times I always go back in mind thinking how chanced we are to be inadequate of substance and try to console myself that what intend to be sustain when things go out of hand. But I am well conscious about my status that helps me to resolve the issues arise in mind.

Sometimes out of knowledge and perception an awestruck happens in mind that could not console my concern but little bit to understanding could do better if we understood others. What I really wanted to say here was a personal interest could not do better if the circumstance do not understand u as a person and we always face discomfort when forcing someone to aid your interest esp. when one become physically depend on others, the situation becomes worse.


Devika said...

A blog is about pursuing your interests, Jeevan...Do it with earnestness and never lose heart...Others too need encouragement, so meet people out there, and that will surely keep you in your spirits :)

Cheer up, my dear boy....I can understand your mind...But yes, we can't expect people to follow us through and through....build a culture of reciprocation...and you could set an example :)


Devika said...

Be sure that I look forward to blog posts, though i am not regularly commenting.....my time and energy is waning Jeevan; except when i take breaks in between my work....and then the old posts are missed,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan,

Very moving and at the same time hard-hitting post! I completely understand what you're saying and at the moment - unfortunately - that is about as much as I can offer.

What is inspiring about you, or this post, is that you're willing to understand (even) others' lack of interest; and an understanding and fighting human being is better and more beautiful than most others :) You are one!

Please take care and keep writing as and when you can!


I wish you Happy New 2011!
सुन्दर शब्दों की बेहतरीन शैली ।
भावाव्यक्ति का अनूठा अन्दाज ।
बेहतरीन एवं प्रशंसनीय प्रस्तुति ।
ऐसे ही सृजन की उम्मीद ।

V Rakesh said...

Jeevan - please find inspiration, direction and comfort from within! Your passion for the blogging part should never be overshadowed by any external entity!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful post. You have put your thuohgts beautifully.

Deepak Acharya said...

Absolutely agree with Devika.

geeth said...

U have expressed ur understanding of people well..

monsoon dreams said...

Keep your motivation alive,dear.
May i have ur mail id?mine is

Jeevan said...

• Thank you dear devika… your comment was indeed encouraging me and sure I hope to continues blogging which keeps me occupied and being a stage to expressing myself. I agree with u on encouraging others, and like to share with people and want to say something,, but some people are so strange to even smile back. I do what I could do around my surrounding… and want people to be little expressive so that I could. I feel great to be one of u r commenting blog friend. Thank u!

• Thank you dear Srini…. There are people not even willing to listen and I am glad you could understand me. What u said was nice and it’s good to understand what we want and is it right to fight. Thanks for your concern to write and it quite interest me to and I hope to write further more.

• Rajeev Kumar – Thanks for your wishes and I’m sorry for not able to read Hindi!

• Thanks Rakesh! I am doing it so far and people like you are a motivation for me to write and it would be great to have all your support further and forever.

• Thank you so much Rajesh! :)

• Thank you Deepak!

• Thanks dear geettha :)

• Thank you dear monsoon dreams. Hope u receive my mail and ID :)

Devika said...

Why didn't you give a smile back to me? :))

just kidding, be happpy, be relaxed, be well...everything else will follow :)