Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A year aback

A New Year had begun and flourishing fresh energies more or less everywhere and into everyone else causing a relishing relationship between well known and unknown ones to built a bridge between strangers and with no intention we share the joyous moment with no certain boundaries to distinguish the meditation and silence. Even we are in the time of looking further into the year, we are yet to think back the past that pushed here with a remarkable year of experience where sacrifice and struggle strengthen and weaken the life and so sorrow and happiness.

A lot of things happen in a year and recalling every moment into the mind is impossible and there are few moments and time that strikes hardly remarkable for good or bad. Mistakes are something we learn to make not again and being careful upon doing anything and the past has taught us many lessons and I have learn many things that suppose to shape me as a person as well conscious to debate on things depend on life. And life has changed a lot in previous year and I have lost some aspects that sustain my movements and kept physically occupied and stimulating a source of energy and being content to be on foot step with the help of caliper.

The year went off partially taking medicine for lung infection which troubled me a lot with cough even now and then and it still couldn’t relieve me completely out of trouble by the easy caught of cold and dust infections. The year was a great setback to me that completely depend me on wheels and losing touch with many activates I wanted to sustain and touched greater elevations in emotion that I couldn’t think back certainly. My blog space is also an evident how far my activates have lacked similar to latter years and I lost many thoughts that I couldn’t bring up in time and moment and overall it’s intense struggle that stop me coming out of trouble. I still think the best are yet to come or shared, and a lot of travel experience are stored in memories as folders to be unfold.

The conscience has made me so humble and patient these days and controlling me from being expressive unlike ever even though I understand the need to be addressed, I couldn’t do anything more than being silent and asking myself what I have done to request? But somehow I manage to be selfish in getting what I need and looking for people to help me in surviving and exploring the world to be expand in life. And my life is largely loaded with emotions that often seethe like a volcano neither to erupt or fume into space or ashes into the surface nor leave behind the truth to be explored later.

The latter year also has a part of enhance taking me deep into the mind and somehow wild to think about life and relationship that takes me away from the practice that almost relationships are instant queries and come on request. I am obvious about my thought on relationship and not all are cared from their inner thought and sense except the moment of enquires. More than happiness and peace that nature gave me through its existence across the year, the festivals and relationship adds delight to my life and mind painted with colorful dreams and imaginary, the photography takes me into creative thoughts and knowledge and experience to build a strong memory.
blue sky
However the year went off peacefully across the globe and hope the future have nothing to break apart and we save the nature to human kind and coordinate with common sense.


Priya said...

Thaz nice to hear how the year went by. Selfish in a good way is not a bad thing at all.

As u said hope peace prevails everywhere.

Kavi said...

Great to hear !! All the best for a great year ahead !

Devika said...

Life and circumstances will keep changing...the challenge is not change our good self...."Being good perhaps being the most difficult"

Take care of your health Jeevan...wish you a happy, inspired and peaceful 2011 :)


geeth said...

Take care Jeevan..

V Rakesh said...

Take very good care of yourself this year! Wishing you the very best!

Sujata said...

Hi Jeevan...good to hear from ou...take care...

Jeevan said...

• Thank you priya and let’s hope for a better future

• Thank you Kavi :)

• Thank you dear Devika and you said so right… change we need for a better and good. Let circumstance change but not our mankind.

• Thanks Geetha. Have a wonder year ahead

• Thank you Rakesh! I wish you back.

• Thanks sujata. It was pleasure have u back :)

krystyna said...

I'm sure dear Jeevan
that in this year
your health will be much better.
This is my dream and my prayer.

Take care!