Thursday, March 03, 2011


While just relaxing in the courtyard of our apartment complex in the evening and listening to the birds that chirp to fly across the sky fabulously and refreshing in the presence of mild wind and check through the flower pots thoughts peek like a bird from the nest box. I was just thinking about friends and a quest rose ‘like a pretty rose bloomed in the pot’ that what it has been or mean… sudden a phrase read from school days come to mind which is ‘A Friend in need is a Friend in-deed’.
I wonder how many friends are there in this world comes to do some deed when we’re in need and I am not here to blame or mention anybody and I am not in a mind or situation to expect someone to help me… and if nesecerry I would certainly ask any of you on a need. So be ready! Ha ha… But I could understand that everyone could not attended always everybody on their need and situation play a vital role to do so and even a situation comes on favor there are something need to be cleared before expecting from someone.

A true friend would come even before we ask for something by understanding our need and a friend who run away in scare of helping or even say a single word as sympathy could not even consider be a man. A friend is not the one comes under the category of only helping in need but a man’s world extend beyond his family is next by friends. Once I left the school, no one come in search of me so far as friends and even those found on Facebook could not respond me even as trash and I had never friends after that unless I open my blog to discover a new phase of world waiting for me to lean friendship.

At initial days I got a lot of friends through blogs and I was in extreme happiness and pleasure to get so many friends without being having one. As we all sail through blogging many friends redirected their path and cease partially on way inevitable to unreasonable conclusions and we can’t say anything about them since us unaware about their situation, sill some friends stay back beyond their blog blocking attitude to keep in touch with me through mails and phone calls and seldom home visit.

Today I have friends to be less or more to support me and cause to be reliable virtually and really depending upon facts and personal knowledge and liberal. There are friends still omnipresent from beginning and continuing to be so hopefully sharing so many things day to day and it’s an immense pleasure I could not describe in words means so much to me. I couldn’t point who and who they are and a true friend could understand by themselves! Thanks everyone who supports me here and encouraging my thoughts even they are debris to recycle and correct me directly or indirectly to sail ashore safely or put on right path beside.

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ur experiences
thanks for ur comment in my blog

anupama said...

Dear Jeevan,
Good Morning!
It's rightly said,to have a friend we should be one.In today's hectic life people hardly find time to spend with their friends.And those who realy want to spend time get caught up with hundred and one problems.
That is why I turn to nature...God has given us many friends in nature..the birds and the blooms alng with butterflies and rivers make us so happy.
It is better not to expect..then the unexpected prsesnce of a friend becomes a bonus!
Wishing you more sincere friendships,

V Rakesh said...

Good friends are a blessing Jeevan!

Very well written!

eden said...

Well said, Jeevan. Love the photo too

venus66 said...

Hi, very well said. I too agree with Rakesh.

Anna said...

Jeevan excellent post. I don't have many friends that I hang out even thought my facebook is filled, my family always stands first. Like you I found good friends here in the blogging world. I have learned a lot from many of you. Real life stories, advices, poetry are the best thing I ever read here on the blogs, including yours. BTW thanks so much for posting on my blog. Anna :)

Kavi said...

Good friends are a good treat to have. Glad to know you and connect on a continuous basis Jeevan !

Priya said...

Good post ther Jeevan. Friends we make or come by continues or fall in between and still such friendship makes a persons life a difference.

Rajesh said...

Number of true friends one has can be counted in one hand. Today this has become rarity.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Jeevan: Amazing post on friends….I love my friends whether they are from virtual world or real…they do bring that essence of happiness, strength and confidence in us and you have said it so rightly and nicely. :-)
I am happy to find a friend in you Jeevan here…I often discuss about you with my real friends and they get amazed as how we get connected
Cheers on our friendship…it’s a blessing to us from God :-)

Jeevan said...

Minu – Thank you!

Anupama – Well said about the time limit and respond to friends and no way we have to accept whatever barrier comes across and a true friend will carry the same attitude always. That’s so beautiful about accompany nature which I do always and expectation only leads to disappoint and accept things come across will do fine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts anu and lean for your friendship.

Rakesh – Thank you and u say nice!

Eden – Thank you for keep visiting.

Venus – Thanks dear.

Anna – Thank you dear, and friends are not those hang out alone, those who understand and feel so sustain. Glad you have your family always to cheer u first and its very nice having you as my friend here. What u say is very true and we learn a lot through sharing blogs.

Kavi – Thanks so much buddy, its great having you guys around :)

Priya – Thank you. Good said about friendship and any man could make difference in our life and he not to be a friend alone isn’t.

Rajesh – So true. Many friends come and go and not everyone stays along and feels to be so. Thanks.

Dawn – That feels so great and happy to discover that you discuss about me with your friends. So nice of you dear friend and what u said is absolutely right and it always cheerful being with friends and they makes comfort. Thanks to everything that connect us as friends :)