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Kundrathur + Thiruneermalai

On the way back from Sembarambakkam Lake we checked the Kundrathur Murugan Temple which is located on a small hillock positioned between the Poonamallee and Pallavarm section of suburbs of Chennai. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan whom according to legend has stayed in this hill during his travel from Thiruporur to Truttanigai – one of his six homes generally known as Thiruthani).
Kundrathur temple
The time we checked the temple, its sanctum has been closed and parents went around its corridor and I stayed back looking for pleasantness around the unclean environment. From the hillock we could see the far away lake and get to view the places around the hill. The small hill also has a road to temple top for peoples comfort and those who can’t climb the stairs.
Kundrathur temple
What special about this temple they say was that Lord Murugan is seen along his both spouses Valli and Deivanai but one could not see him with both of them at same time viewing from side. Whether the temple is renowned for Lord Murugan or not, the hillock is popular for cinema shooting and many Tamil movies had been captured here, and thus what interested me to check this place for very long.

Built in the period of Chola dynasty by the King Kulothunga Chola-II, the Murugan in this temple is said to be north facing unlike other temples in Tamil Nadu.
Foothill hall (mandapam)
Along the way back home we passed the Thiruneermalai which is few km from here is also a hillock temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it also has a foot temple similar to hilltop. The time we come across the temple it was on its renovation process and the foot temple tower was paint in bright colors and was closed for public visiting.
The temple owns a tank on the other side of the road, which has four sides of road called Maadavethi has planted by coconut trees and people residents. It was the time of margazhi (winter month in Tamil calendar) and so every gateway of the resident was colored by kolam and tank being filled at least cause a wonderful sight with the shadows of inner mandabam (hall) and things around.

This hillock and temple tank too is on the list of cinema shooting and the tank had been on many scenes as background and one of ‘Koundamanis’ renowned coconut comedy comes under this shadow and the hill stairs were on fought between villain gangs and heros.
Temple tank


Rajesh said...

Wonderful images of interesting temple.

V Rakesh said...

I'm glad I'm getting to know places through you space!

Thank you!

Eden said...

What a beautiful temple! Great shots. Thanks for sharing information about this place.

eden said...

Thank you for the visit and nice comments. Hope you have a lovely day always.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing pictures and details shared Jeevan...! What interested me was similar places and temples I have seen through while traveling in train from Pune to Kerala via Jhelam Express and I always wondered how and when I can get down here and walk around and see some places...but it's a dream still.
When I came here to see it reminded me of my childhood days :-)
So beautiful - thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I went to Thiruneermalai on 27/feb/2011. Temple management planned for "Kumbabisekham" on Apr 21st. Till then, we cant see the "Moolavar" in the temple. Only we can see "Urshava moorthi". So if anyone has any plans to visit the temple, better to plan after Apr 21st. Only Neervanna Perumal you can see if you go now.

Jeevan said...

• Thanks Rajesh

• I am too glad to show u places across Chennai. Thanks Rakesh

• Thanks for your visit and comments Eden! :)

• Nice to receive u dawn after sometime and thanks so much for sharing ur interesting about visiting such places. We really need time to check these places, unless we can’t do it. Thanks dear :)

• Thanks for your reference about visiting the temple through my blog, anonymous!

Anya said...

Soooooooo nice to see more from your country :-)
I wish I could visit once :))))

Have a nice week-end Jeevan

Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

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Anna said...

Thanks for the info Jeevan. I saw similar temple when I traveled to Singapore (they had place called little India). Well I never got to see it inside, my husband and his friend were afraid that their shoes will be stolen (funny what goes through their heads), and then they wouldn't let me go by myself because they were afraid they will loose me (they were too protective, lol). I think next time I am going by myself, lol. Anna :)