Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pity life of a little squirrel

As usual it was another wonderful evening wake from the courtyard of our apartment complex, where I wander usually in wheels as a favorite pastime listening to various sort of birds chirping form the lust green wasteland opposite to my house including the frequent and rapid cheep by squirrels from the trees and sight of birds.
The tiny  squirrel
The list of birds could be least to count but the songs they chirrup are enthusiastic and resonates eternal joy listening to more than one bird and sometime I try to mimicry there chirp as a replay call at themselves and wonder where will I go to listen to them if constructions come into this site and where the birds will disappear. There not alone humans but nature also inbuilt its curse to tackle each other animals to live nod me to realize hardly again by a curse incident that affect me very close to heart and sight.

I couldn’t take it easily because of the fateful happen in front of me and the cheeping aloud squirrel that continue to resonant in mind and remind me the incident every time I get to hear the creep sound around. It was really a sweet moment when I see these two little squirrels near our compound wall, leaping here and there to climb the wall, in which one seems elder to another. The young one was trying hard to climb the wall by various attempts in the present of another, which had already climbed on and thus I wanted to capture the scene and so asked dad to bring the cam.
No more little squirrel
The little squirrel fascinated me a lot through its cute and small unlike ever seen appearance. It was the moment I come around a car that parked in the apartment to capture the squirrel closely and I took couple of shots of the squirrel which was trying hard to climb quickly with just seconds to go for another shot, a black cat pounced from behind the car caught the little squirrel and run away… I was shocked by this sudden attack and couldn’t express anything at moment inadequate to response in grief.

I was touched by this not less similar incident of Big Cats attack animals in one pounce catching the throat and it was such the black cat’s hiss on the little squirrel. After sometime dad came to ask did u captured the squirrel, I replayed it’s gone, where he asked again and I said it’s gone. The cat took it away. Oh! What touched a lot was the other squirrel which was cheeping rapidly moving its tail up and down from the tree in the distress of missing its well bond little partner. I wonder now whether the little one might know a cat could take it into prey that’s y it was trying hard to climb the wall!



geeth said...

So sad...
and so sorry that you witnessed it.

Rajesh said...

Wow! this is very sad moment.

V Rakesh said...

Phew! That was hard hitting!

Anya said...

Touching story my dear Jeevan :(

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeev,
it's really touching.You shouldn't have seen it.

Eden said...

What a sad story! Poor little squirrel.

Have a great week.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Jeevan, let me tell you as I was in 7th grade I had squirrel as pet...I found it wounded in school and no one was ready to take...will write one day the story...but reading your story it reminded me of Mahadevi Varma (famous Hindi Writer and Poet) she had a pet Gillu as squirrel - amazing one - you touched some of those nostalgic moments of my life - thanks dear

Anonymous said...

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