Monday, March 07, 2011

Wow Women!

What I think about women is right or wrong but I have thoughts to share with u about women who’s our profound desire and without women no man can survive in this world and they are our source of life which dwells around them. First as a mother we couldn’t compare any other relationship parallel to her and what made women so special was because being womanhood and thus becoming motherhood is consider to be so scared and venerable and according to a child she’s a livelihood.

There is no way a man could live without women and he need to come across her at every instance as a mother, sister, wife, daughter and overall as a friend man lives depend on women and of course women to men. Just being a son I could only talk about mother, who’s behind and in front of my life to keep me sustain and I couldn’t think a world with my mother and even in my dream I couldn’t survive without her, because she’s my life and no one could part me from her in this inevitable world.
Happy Women's Day
(A women worker in valparai estate near Coimbatore.)

As a brother I don’t have a sister, except cousin sisters I don’t have someone to communicate personally or consider to be my sister. Whose fault is this I don’t know! Lol. With often or sometime communicating with them I understand the sweetest essence exist through their abundant and exuberating concern and love and desire is consider to be never adjutant to any other relationship in this world. Being in there care and concern is rejuvenate and I always love to be along with them and they behalf consider me as a friend and fellow brother to share things that excite and enthusiasm them.

About wife, it’s not in the list of my concern or wish and never desire for a woman except dream, imagination and crushes which consider being common among men and women and inspires lot of attitude to write poem or create characters unrealistic despite concern. I too dream a lot about women and never take it too serious or concern to get disturbed or depressed later to struggle with mind, but I have obvious reasons to be like that which is in our genes and gender to be so.

I have a sweet and cute daughter in my dream with who I play and grow up according to my knowledge and trend with my special concern for her to be on my interest and how I like to see my daughter grow up unaffected by her character and giving quite freedom to realize her dreams. I never think women is lesser to man and I realize that women is more sufficient than man and incredibly mysterious and bear unbearable trouble and pain we fail to realize or tried to understand!

I had and have some friends in schools and blog whom were so close to me than men and I really treat them as my dear sisters and friend and rarely consider to be fun loving and liberal related to reliable of knowledge and sense. I see women as an equal phase of society and growing at rapid speed of development in knowledge and profession and in many fields according to their immense ability and create a Wow (world of women) where they could stand on their own and fight for their rights and amendment, not alone for themselves and also for their wow community.

Wow… what a species women! Congrats women for being there as our well wishers and hope the world will realize your individual freedom and treat u as a fellow human being and considering your facts and knowledge you were at the furthermost advanced in education and professional wise and continue to grow furthermost defeating man in every column they ruled the organization. Whatever knowledge or ability wise we praise you, you are the most wanted women where our hope for future is defined and design by you and no one could forget this easily so as uneasy to say in few words here. Love you dear women!


Devika said...

Good Womens Day post, Jeevan :)
Man and woman are complimentary...there's no one without the other,

anyway, nice to read your gotta see your daughter and wife :)


Devika said...

**complementary**, i meant to say :)


venus66 said...

Nice post. Thank you.

Anya said...

Wonderful written my dear Jeevan
Thank you very much :-)


Anonymous said...

As the women before me have said, that truly is a lovely and big-hearted tribute to women, Jeevan. :)Keep it up!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Jeevan: I have to say WOW to you for putting your thoughts on women and I have to say salute to you!
I mean we all talk about great things about women but the way you have articulated it in each stage is amazing.
As a woman I also feel a girl child when comes in to life lot of things are given to her such as – daughter, sister, wife, but mother is something which everyone doesn’t get to be one. It completes her and you have very nicely portrayed it here.
I will say keep faith as there are women who look for your inner core heart and they will love you and come in search of you to be your wife :-) and that is my wish and pray for you dear.
My best wishes and kudos on your WOW post :-)
Cheers and a big hug from this woman ;-)

eden said...

Great post for Women's Day! I actually forgot the day but a friend of mine in FB greeted me and that was the time I realized, it was a Women's Day.

Babli said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. I was extremely busy for past few months thats why could not visit your blog.
Fantastic post for Women's Day. Keep writing.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

super like Jeevan :)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful post. Without women, there is no life. She is the source of life, power, strength.

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone esp. dawn for your great concern and support and wishes and it’s really beautiful to have you all women around here to cheer my thoughts.