Monday, April 11, 2011

Well decide to poll

At last the month long propaganda for the state legislative election for April 13th has come to conclusion today and what it provides these days was an irritating entertainment, and showcasing personal hatred against each other was the most aspect of this in name of election. Not like to mention some ones particularly, on one is clear about their intention this time and highlighting the party was there most important thing provide by both the candidates and expected voters.

I wish whom to lead the government and don’t know will it happen or not but sooner or later, hopefully he will be the next CM if the party continues to power. If we seek the political background of most of candidates, there is something more or less disgrace occupies there past rather in person or public in no man’s perfect attitude; there is a chance for everyone to change or retain to serve the people.

I don’t take serious the people promote the candidates in fame, since it’s their job of acting in reality for money they disappear as soon there work is finished, but what we hear from candidate is important unless they weed out their silence which rarely take place only to highlight the party and leaders. I decided whom to vote this election and every candidate expresses similar thoughts in different volume and size, and selecting one among them is little hard so I derived someone in general who could support the leader I wish to lead the government in order.

People could not forget his planning and wide thinking about Chennai as a Mayor has impressed me from then to today, the way he receives people and to give importance to their need and planning projects are amazing. I believe such attitude would continue and take greater stages if we give him a change to rule the government and climbing to this post he deserves a lot in both as a party and public functionary.

Hope everyone poll there right and bring a bright future for our state and self.


V Rakesh said...

13th is going to be a very big day for Tamil Nadu!

Kavi said...

Amidsts all this din, glad that the EC is doing its work !

Very glad indeed !

Eden said...

Good luck to the newly elected officials.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Good to read all the good things in your post. I haven't been to Chennai though I had once visited Tirumala and that's like the border of Kanyakumari or so...and whatever I read here is more of knowledge for sure. I wish good luck to the elected official and hope for the best.
Good Luck