Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something extreme

What disturb me more than I was were the rising vehicles, pollution and population of people in India. We all know it doesn’t take place in India alone and everywhere it cause an effect, but unlike ever it causing much trouble because of its never ending progress of increasing concern. I wonder where we are going uncontrollable on the road which no one knows where it would leads so and the environment we are creating today and for tomorrow is to stay cool inside the home or vehicle to switch on the air conditioned wind to inhale than going out breathing fresh air.

In cities, bikes has turned less than owning a car’s intention being raised took away every space to play as parking and owning two to three vehicles per home increased incredibly traffic on road and more than driving into the city it’s becoming easy driving far away from the crowd. The pollution has become slow poison to city dwellers and breathing fresh air has become a rare occurrence in cities except less space for parks and beaches where people gather a lot to exercise their breathe, but where to go when everyone need there space to breath.

The weather is becoming hot everyday and climate has been changing day by day but the cause to reduce these has becoming a mirage every time leaders gather to debate on conferences to end without a confidence to defeat. The income of the people has been increasing phenomenally when even recession and inflation has taken place the people hadn’t took much care outside their homes where the actual cause began or needed to be tackled down.

The replacement and building constructions has been taking place everywhere and often into the city, the debris and dust has been sent into the living space and spread into the homes and dishes that we eat into infections and disease. I had the worst day out into the city, moving in the traffic and the black smoking silencers and the noise has threaten me with caught and headache, even we were partially enclosed in vehicle I wonder what trouble the bike riders and pedestrians could suffer from. It’s incredibly worse what the way we are living by just reducing our life time to these strong odors, chemicals and in name of sufficient and carrying our family we disturbing the civilian society which includes one of us.

We could seek justice for everything and things happens in need and taking steps further increasing our status and none could deny it, but when things goes out of control or concern we are responsible for our future and upcoming generation. Everyone’s wish and concur comes closer or in line sometime to experience what others appreciate in life and there’s nothing wrong in it and we need to work with concern and sense.

Just wrote what I feel and thought about something that exists and come across in mind.

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Ponniyinselvan said...

true.100 % true.