Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A note on Bangalore trip

The city elevated from nearly thousand meters above sea level has very pleasant weather to stay among cities and even the sun beats down, the cool wind blows off the trees in and around the garden-city maintain the temperate but the critical and worst part was traveling within its boundary. No one stops the vehicle for any reason unless forced to stop it and it’s a challenge to outsiders to drive into the city and tough moving without guidance, it seems like conducting a race among the residence is easy and thus how rashes they drives. I know I know… Bangalore isn’t an only city to experience the worst traveling and many metropolitans perhaps more or less produce a similar challenge for riders but compare to Chennaites, Bangaloreans are fast moving and whatever the means of source it showdowns the worthiness of life and things.
Glass House -  Lal Bagh
Lal Bagh Glass House
Leaving away the nonstop challenge on roads in Bangalore and any other cities in India, it was very pleasant staying at a friend’s place in their care and comfort and guidance. Karthik’s mom who invited us to her home in Bangalore take care our complete stuff single handedly and arranged for a guided tour into the city, which helped us in checking out the Cubbon Park, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, HAL Aerospace Museum, Ulsoor Lake and Lal Bagh.

To say about the places visited, everything has something interesting and worth visiting esp. the Visvesvaraya and HAL museums are remarkable by its facts and figures at display and operating each simple mechanism and instrument was fun. To say the most beautiful thing about Bangalore was the Lal Bagh, which brings the garden city feel within its premises unlike Cubbon Park which is parted by inner roads used by public vehicles.

Captured at Karthik's home
We stayed at Karthik’s home in National Games Village, Koramangala, which he bought before his depart and now his mother takes care of the things along with his memories and she never fails to visit his home ones in a month and she feels completely with his son the times being there and it’s the only solace and depression she bears in life. All over her home it was Karthik’s photos and she arranged his things and awards in the hall along with his bike he used at last.

Apart constant and carelessly driving fast, few are people friendly and helpful knowing we are from other state by indentifying our car number guide us at few places and on other day when we are on our way to Nandi Hills, a man in his middle-age drives beside us in his Maruti 800 until we take diversion to Nandi hills and his advice to maintain less than 80kmph helped us from getting fined. It was very difficult to find route on our own in Bangalore which hold partially Tamil speaking people and even they know Tamil they are avoiding to speak – may be they hesitate that it will affect their living.
Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Roses bloomed in Cubbon Park
We could see many luxury cars used as taxies in Bangalore alike in foreign countries and it was wonderful seeing Bangalore leading a international living in country and thus could be the reason everyone movies very fast in making money and lack giving due attention to others while driving and just moves fast even dash with other or make accident with lives. We witnessed two incident where both were taken casually and moves faster even someone bleeds. I wonder what a life they are living, keeping their everyday life as a bet to survive with money. I’m not complaining but just say what I think about.


Lakshmi said...

you seemed to have had a great trip..did you enjoy the rains here

Rajesh said...

Beautiful take on Bangalore city. I am happy you liked it here.

Devika said...

Nice and nice to see you back, energised, Jeevan :)

I have a few photos of Lal-Bagh and Banglore city from about 25-22 years ago....been to Bangalore many times since then, but vivid memories come from those earlier visits...Nice post Jeevan,


Jyoti Mishra said...

Bangalore is indeed a fast city...
Its a great place to visit too, I've been there once in my school and it was awesome !!

Well nice blog
Looking forward to new posts.

Babli said...

I always enjoy your posts because of your beautiful presentation. Liked all the pictures with lovely description.

eden said...

Nice post, Jeevan! It is a beautiful place. Love the glass house and the beautiful roses.

Eden said...

Thank you for the visit and nice comments. Have a great weekend.

pawankalyan said...

Really your post was really helpfull to me ,When we saw br hills forest,we scared so much..while journey .....But it was very different and interesting experience of life.Its feel me like i m the member of the village...Food ...were very tasty Br hills Resorts