Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wow… it was a super cool evening at last amid hot weather, the rain that last couple of hours yesterday reduces the temperature partially, leaps out frogs and mosquitoes outside the home and water stagnant on roads. I was just refreshing in the drops of rain at doorstep and the fragrance of soil that stimulates in touch of fresh raindrops and the wind that blows off pretty warm and later cool.

The day not alone end the hot weather was also off to summer holidays due to schools reopen today after two months holiday which extended by a week and so by the confusion behind bring the Samacheer Kalvi (Uniform System of School Education) for 1 to 10 std from this current year which brought by the latter government to give parallel education to everyone in the state opposed by the new govt. is in supreme court to seek justice as their favor to reestablish the syllabus from next year.

As per court order an expert committee has to be formed to clear it in three week, but schools reopened today what kind of lessons the 3 weeks going to teach the children has been put pause along with confusion which going to bring an extreme pressure esp. for the 10th std students who faces the public exam . This is a wonderful opportunity I think for schools to educate children about life and activities that bring out their creativity and moral sense which has to be developed and follow along their syllabus.

It’s obvious that there is a political game behind it and whatever it might be, when it comes to social interest and important, beyond ego, selfish and personal rages the significant has to be forced immediately. It’s quite foolish decision taken by the govt. to stop the uniform education system after a whole lot of books have been printed and yet to distribute, it doesn’t looks like public favor. The situation of opening schools from the actual date has never been too late like this and it could make children happy to go to school just to play and have fun with friends but the real pressure beyond their happiness is in cope with lessons.

I wonder why such things never happened in our life, so that we could have enjoyed going to school just to go play and have fun except nothing to study. Hehe… The cousin who has been along with me almost the whole summer vacation has left now with a lack of space of entertainment and support, it was wonderful learning many things from this vacation and traveling and it seems true that only we get closer we understand a lot about others, for good as well as to avoid certain things to continue a smooth relationship.


Rajesh said...

All these politics will only effect the kids. Nothing will be taught in the schools in this 3 weeks.

Jyoti Mishra said...

another instance of filthy politics and their flawed conventions !!