Monday, June 20, 2011

Six years old

My blog has grown six years old and I still write with same enthusiasm and whole hearty and have come across a lot of people who in turn continue to follow me as a reader, friend and many who left the blogosphere but still continue to support me as a silent reader has brought many changes into my life and I have learned a lot through there blogs and visits that encouraged me to withstand the strain I go through life has perhaps shaped me as a person to work with more confident and sustain here thus far.
Its me
(Its me, photo captured in kotagiri.)
Today many social networks and forms have come but like blogging nothing gives me content feeling and doing something worth to keep myself occupied and sharing my thoughts, experience and feeling with others. I just believe that best is yet to come even I am content with things happening and this attitude makes me progress and inspires to write more on places I explore and explain my thoughts and deeds in detail.

I take this chance to thank you all for being beside me, encouraging and supporting from overseas and I am still blogging is because of you, whose comments and messages convey me your direct support which influences a lot in leading my blog. I not alone thank you, because this two little words is not enough really to show my gratitude whose kindness and attitude in accepting the variants in thoughts and sense are not an easy thing to appreciate but accepting the truth is what I appreciate about blogs and being reliable to either is the source of this blogging.

Whatever I say, sometimes I write for myself. It’s the pressure that I need to release somewhere and things I can’t accept being abnormal and incredible against the sense and passion that derives me not to leave this space created for me to voice in society and access communication with others. There are networks like Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter… but nothing satisfied me like writing a blog. Yours truly!


lina@happy family said...

Nice to know you, Jeevan...
Thanks for dropping by :)

Keep writing and blogging; have a great week ahead...

Priya said...

Congrats to your blog on its 6th birthday.

Blog is something you share and write from witin. I think you have become a good writer and story teller from your experience. Keep writing and we enjoy your travel spirit.

Devika said...

Yes, Jeevan...Congratulations and good to see you keeping up the spirit :)

Blog provides a platform for writing, and gives a self satisfaction- though i am a poor blogger myself, i enjoy reading...and yours is one i like...especially travelogues :)


yamini meduri said...

Happy Birthday Jeevan's World..!!

eden said...

Wow, 6 yrs! Congratulations. Love your blog, Jeevan. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm one of your silent readers and I simply adore writing. please do keep it up. Your blog opens my mind on days when everything seems so hopeless :)

Ghost Particle said...

congratulations dear brother :)

Dawn said...

Congrats Jeevan for being 6 in blogging and guess what I never tried to keep a check but you made me realize that I am also 6 years old in blogging :)! It is an amazing journey let me tell with having lot of readers of which you have become my best buddy in all :)
I always look for you in the blogging world good that we are still believing in what we like to do. I also feel this is the only place where I can release my thoughts...I miss many of our blogger friends but it is celebration time :)
Congrats again dear

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant effort and many congratulations for many many more years to come!

Like you said, nothing could be as rewarding as blogging!

monu said...

Great!! Congrats on blogging for 6 years.. keep writing... and so very nice to thank your readers.. i have never had the humbleness to do it.. very nice of you!!

Eden said...

Hi, Jeevan!

You have a nice blog.

Babli said...

Heartiest congratulations to you for the completion of 6 years of your blogging. Wish you all the best and keep writing.
I have been to Kotagiri and its a very beautiful place. Nice description and lovely post.
When time permits visit my new post-

Rajesh said...

You do really have a wonderful blog. It is always interesting to read your posts. Keep writing.

Anya said...

Congratulation my dear
6 years Wow!!
I blog only two years and my fantasy is almost gone .......... :-)

I am two years visiting your blog
and i like it very much !!!
Keep blogging
I had never before so many friends around the whole world :P

Enjoy your weekend
hugs from us all

Ponniyinselvan said...

congrats. Keep going.
Life is a treasure.
Life is a pleasure.Don't waste it under any pressure.

Jeevan said...

Lina - Welcome Lina. Nice have u here.

Priya – Thank you priya. Your words encourage me a lot to write more and I am enjoying this space of sharing. It cause a great relief and inspiring to go ahead.

Devika – Thank you dear friend. Yes, it was wonderful being here and I like u point out my mistakes, which help me correcting. With all your support and guide I hope to stay here long...:)

Yamini – Thank you :)

Eden – Thanks for u r kind comment. Sure I keep it and make it more.

Aruna – Glad I could bring something positive into your life. Thanks for being here showing your support and I really wonder how many Arunas are there reading me :)

GP – Thanks bro :) I know u r reading my blog and present to show when I need supported .

Dawn – I know we are traveling from the dawn (somehow beginning) and its wonderful sharing our thoughts which is more beautiful and fabulous when it comes from you. Congrats for being my partner in this 6 years journey which is many more miles to go still… Thanks so much dear. I am very happy to be your best buddy. Hope I get your support always here.

Rakesh – Thank you so much Rakesh. I ditto u r words.

Monu – It’s nice having u after long time… hope u do well along with u r family. Thanks so much.

Eden – Thank you! :)

Babli – Thank you so much babli! It’s wonderful having you around and its amusing and amazing visiting your every time. Keep sharing...

Rajesh – Thank you! Its great support and wonderful reading u Rajesh. Keep sharing.

Anya – Thank you dear friend. I’m very happy receiving your wishes on blogging. Hope your journey was wonderful and u all enjoyed the trip. Take care and keep writing along with us. :)

Ponniyinselvan – Thank you dear mom.