Wednesday, July 06, 2011

180 – No rules

Watched this beautiful movie named Nootrenbadhu (180) last evening in drive-in with my uncle and cousin since parents doesn’t show interest on this movie, the theater was empty within fingers count of vehicles. The movie’s plot wasn’t unusual to Tamil cinema, which I don’t like to enter, but has a modern way of viewing with stunning visuals and enhanced love scenes.
Kickoff ashore of Varanasi, the visuals began to behold with some sophisticated slow motions is a techno- treat which continue to behold by various aspects till the end, captures happiness, fun and flirting amusingly that almost take place in the first half bears pieces and bits at rear. Holding the suspense till partially after the interval doesn’t emphasis unexpectedly but without touching deep in emotions the movie keeps moving in a hope unlike any other movies that end with regret.

The 180 – symbol of days, revolves around Siddharth, who break the rule in Boys stunts now there is no rule via reentering into Tamil cinema after his debut. He looks very smart and acts indeed well, expressing his emotions are good at phase except somewhere overrules and without a guess what his next move was. The movie has two cute heroines – Nithya menen and Priya Anand, gets our attention next to the visual enchanting and there each gesture expresses sweetness and every move has been captured lovely into the frame.

The director being an expert in Ad film making has made the movie without losing the prettiness on screen but at many places his ad sense arise away without logic which is similar to almost fairy tale advertisements. The concept behind the 180 days of rejuvenate is a good decent entertainment and enjoying the day today life is what many younger’s dream of today has well portrait even the reason has been different, and least flashback is the pulse of first half.

The sequence of songs has been captured in a remarkable way of appreciation and the no rules song is a great challenge to cinematography and composition of the song. The other one which is very sweet among them was Nee Koorinal… which is one of a best romantic songs so far has been captured very beautiful unlike ever. I just love this song for its adorable music and love expressiona… Niyayam Thana is too good! 180 – Behold everything beautifully but lacks to hold everyone’s attention.


Eden said...

Great review of the movie. Thank you for sharing, Jeevan.

Rajesh said...

Very nice review.

Jeevan said...

Thank you!


hello jeevan, totally agree with you on this one, i just watched this movie on vasantham last saturday nite. i live in singapore by the way.

when i saw the title,thought it was gonna be a lousy dubbing movie, but it turned out to be a beautiful film with solid visuals, the songs in particular

awesome review by the way, keep posting

way to go buddy

Khuda Hafiz
Raghu Raman