Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Point Calimere – a note on lighthouse and sea sand

Among the many beautiful things that come across our travel to the Point Calimere last week, the British lighthouse in Kodiyakarai scrub forest is one awesome sight at the edge of southeast Tamil Nadu. I waited for long time to visit this swamp island surrounded by salt pans, bird and wildlife sanctuary is home to many species of birds, animals and shrubs is a best place to experience the wildlife inhabitant.
British Light House
British Light House

Built in 1890 by the British in the Point Calimere is a 16 m round cylindrical tower with lantern and gallery; the lighthouse is painted white and lantern dome in red, said to white flash every 10 seconds. As a replacement to the 1000 years old Chola lighthouse which remains as ruin with only the bottom left today latter shatter to tsunami and recent thane cycle has forced to footstep into the sea.
Chola Lighthouse ruin
Chola Lighthouse ruin

The Chola lighthouse is erected 1000 years ago during the regime of Raja Raja Cholan and what remains now is the broken bricks and mortar on the ever so soft sand shore. The British lighthouse is old among the other lighthouses which flash could be seen up to 15 nautical miles.
Lonely in isolated pristine beach
Isolated at a pristine beach, Point Calimer

The entire trip to the Point Calimere was enjoyable and the route after Cuddalore was new for me to unexpected curves and bend of plenty but still enjoyed the winding road and come across cities and villages. The time we took to explore the places were unfavorable and its heavy sunshine during the day time and at same time very pleasant in evening and at dawn. The Point Calimere beach is isolated and the virgin beach sand is so soft and exotic to foot stand on… may be I feel it as I unmemorable when I last foot at sea sand. Wow


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shots - this really looks like a lovely, remote place to visit.

Love the ruin in the water!

ashok said...

wow! thanks Jeevan for introducing a new place...looks superb!

Priya said...

Great pics.

George said...

This is a marvelous place to visit, and your photos are wonderful. The British lighthouse is beautiful against the blue sky, but I really like the ruins of the old lighthouse, which is now in the sea. I hope those ruins can be preserved.

Rajesh said...

This sure is a nice place. I liked the piece of old Chola light house.

monu said...

wow beautiful.. i am so jealous of you :)

eden said...

Beautiful photos and thank you for sharing information about the place.

Angad Achappa said...

Nice info about the place and lovely images... :)

TexWisGirl said...

that lighthouse with the weather vane top is beautiful! the ruins are interesting as well!

thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Eden said...

It is a beautiful place to visit. Great shots.

Jyoti Mishra said...

that first pic of light house was so beautiful..
sometimes I wonder there r so so many places to visit in India itself..

Ponniyinselvan said...

How come you find out places like this?Admirable. I feel happy to see you enjoying.Best wishes.

Kalyan said...

That looks a scenic and beautiful place to be...wonderful captures!

Anonymous said...

Nice place to visit

photos are captured beautifully esp beach, lighthouse

thanks for sharing this travelogue

Vetrimagal Vetrimagal said...

Kodikarai, I think we crossed when we went by bus to Tiruchendur. The entries stretch , I was hanging my head outside the window, thinking next time I will stop at these places.

Beautiful places!

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful response on this pristine lovely place of much nature exists.

Vetrimagal - Kodiyakarai won't come across any place as it was the end of southeast sea has the only route via Vedharanyam. Thiruchendur is different route.

Dawn said...

Amazing Jeevan... I have yet to go around Tamilnadu though I touched the borders when I visited Kanyakumari...but at times I get jumbled up as is it your photography that the pics looking so beautiful or is it in real :) but its a information for me about this lighthouse :)
Too good to be true ... but I believe you ;-)
Thanks for the share