Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer rain

Pic by Jeevan
Summer rain
showered again
dancing droplets
drizzled around;

Earth fragrance
breathing veins
stimulated nerves
stretched again;

Drenched leaves
pretty gleam
round pearls
pierced around

Shutter sound
thunder rain
flashes around
without cam!


Eden said...

Beautiful photo and words

TexWisGirl said...

well done, jeevan!

Simran said...

Such a sweet poetry! :)
I love rain...I am still waiting for the very first shower of monsoon rain...!

Linda said...

Lovely photo and such nice poetry!

George said...

This is a wonderful poem -- I really like the word pictures you describe. I wish we would get some summer rain here -- it's dangerously hot and dry.

Rajesh said...

Wonderfully done.

Kavi said...

Beautiful ! :)

eden said...

Thank you for the visit, Jeevan.

Kalyan said...

lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

Ash said...

Beautiful photo and poem! Great work, Jeevan!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Well written, as always, Jeevan.

Rains in Chennai, during the summers are a God send...... of that I can vouch!

I miss that place, gosh!

And yes, its great to be back in blogville.

ashok said...

words rain here...