Friday, July 27, 2012

Suo moto

Gone are the days waiting for the government to bring change or act on security and protecting the rights… But things are different now, the social concern and responsibility has shift hand from the government to courts and many important decisions taken lately by courts are simply strict and prudent. 

However the government implement the rule are not totally taken into concern and many aren’t strong enough to withstand as long as government keep changing while in rule, the court orders has been the engross enhancement. Whether we agree or not, the court implement is equal to amendment that only an apex court could dismiss which is the last lookout for poor or rich to get rectified.

Take the instant of removing the black films from cars or the late rule on helmet and the recent ban imposed on the tourist activities around the tiger reserves across India is welcomed by everyone and no protest is raised against the implement. These are little brought under limelight and there are many I come across latterly in newspapers which I couldn’t remember all yet, the responsibility of courts has upright under the 'Suo Moto' of judges.

Even the social crime and abuse in society are taken through suo moto of judges on basic sense and humanity in recent past is all prudent and appraise humanitarian; and without fail they use their authority to notify or rectify any government on social interest and law and order. I wanna write one day appreciating the judges for their upholding democratic and humanitarian on public general in liberty and straight forward on ruling the unruly, wild and turbulent… I got the chance now after go through a suo moto of judge’s of Madras High Court, inquiring the fall to death of a  6 year old from a running school bus through a huge hole under her seat which shook the Chennaities a day before. It’s a pity disaster in itself!  

Long live the judges with suo moto… and social interest!


George said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the importance of judges in our modern world.

Linda said...

Good post...thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jeevan.

ashok said...

well said Jeevan

Rajesh said...

Very well written. When Government fail to do the duty, someone else has to do it.

Pattu Raj said...

Good post . We common citizens have to voice concern over the failure of the system.We can only hope someone will care.