Friday, July 13, 2012

Theertha Thotti – Periyakulam

Two km from the Periyakulam town, towards west on the road leads to Sothuparai Dam, comes a lonely place surrounds by gulmohar and neem trees and among them is a small mandapam and tank which is called Theertha Thotti. The tank is a natural spring and it told to be never went dry perhaps being on the south bank, close to the perennial river ‘Varaganathi’ it is considered as holy tank.
Theertha Thotti
One of an evergreen song from the Tamil Film Pithamagan, Elankathu Visuthea… was captured at this location and the tank takes a special place in it. The tank has an inner mandapam or corridor and a staircase leading down.

Theertha Thotti
We visited Periyakulam during the time monsoon was postponed so everywhere water was at least and dry and the Varaganathi River was too like a creek and stagnant. Our friend’s in Periyakulam was residing on the south bank of the river and only because of the couple we get to explore the places around and they take care of our need indeed!
Green Wall
Their home is on the Agraharam Street which is renowned for the community of Brahmins in each locality and I have seen couple of Agraharm in various places early which are very quiet and clean alike. What attracts or interest me was the home next to their, pretty and pleasing in green wall or vertical garden beautified the front.


Eden said...

Beautiful photos. It is a nice place.

ashok said...

Iam impressed with the green wall!

George said...

This looks like a beautiful place to visit. The vertical garden is very interesting and pleasing to see.

TexWisGirl said...

i LOVE that ivy-covered wall! and that big blooming tree in the first shot, too.

Linda said...

Wonderful photos. Beautiful region!

eden said...

Hi, Jeevan!

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Have a great weekend!

SM said...

beautiful place
green wall idea is great

sm said...

beautiful place
green wall idea is great

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics - especially that leafy green house!