Wednesday, July 11, 2012

நஞ்சு / Toxin

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பாசம் என்பது
ஒரு வேஷம் ஆனது
பணத்தை பாத்ததும்
பிஞ்சி நெஞ்சும் நஞ்சு ஆனது!

Love means
happened to be a mask
looking at the penny
tender heart too becomes toxin!


I no need to describe how toxic our world has become but except the chemical substance mixed in the environment, the mind of people and words they speak has become worse and there isn’t a heart to check either and feeling and everything has become money letting mind and respect demoted. I deeply hurt when I come across people ruthless at others and atrocious at words and behave like only they have a heart to get hurt and all others are made of solid… For some money has become their mass storage where no more space for emotion and heart for others.


Linda said...

I agree with you. I often reminisce about days gone by (early 1900's to 1940's especially) when people were more relaxed and made more time to talk to people. Today everyone is so rushed and rude...well, not everyone, but many are. It doesn't cost anything to say a kind word, to smile and do a kind deed.

George said...

Your words show a great deal of insight and wisdom. Thanks for sharing with us.

venus66 said...

Amen. Thank you for sharing.

TexWisGirl said...

we need to remember we are all connected.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

This is a cruel world these days.. There seems to be so much hatred. People are greedy and selfish and seem to be in it ONLY for themselves and what someone can do for THEM... There's not alot of caring and sharing and taking care of each other anymore.. Makes me sad...

Great post, Jeevan.

Irfanuddin said...

irony of this materialistic world....and the worst part is detoxification of the environment can be done but that of people can't, unless we treat our soul....

Nice post m friend..:)

ashok said...

very true!

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Lets hope that the times to come will make the Earth a better place to live in.

Anonymous said...

This isn't true of everyone, thank goodness!

Ram said...

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Jeevan said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and agreeing... its really wonderful having you all.


eden said...

Nice post, Jeevan and I agree with you.