Friday, November 02, 2012

A cargo goes aground

The Neelam Cyclone that stroke the Mamallapuram, a day before day, also produced an effect on the coast towards Chennai and beyond developing a number of tree falls and sand erosions on seashores. As I mentioned in my early post, the Marina Beach of Chennai – the second longest beach worldwide – is the gateway for any effort by sea or rain on Chennai and it stands at the first place for anyone to check the status of the city.
Pool ride
Pool ride by a biker in marina
I visited the Marina Beach yesterday evening to reveal the effects of Neelam cyclone and found the rain and seawater stagnant on the marina beach abundantly like ever and the inner road was flooded with water for more than 3 feet high. Even the SUV like cars find it difficult to cross the inner roads and we didn't take the venture into the water which was inviting for a swim but had fun watching boys playing in water and some bikes and autos splashing and creating great ripples. I really enjoy visiting marina beach after rain to check the stagnant water and joy of splashing without disturbing others!
Traveler swam in water
Later we moved to check the cargo ship that went aground near Foreshore estate, the adjacent area of marina, where the Neelam cyclone dragged the ship that was standing somewhere off shore into go aground. The road leads from marina through Nochikuppam was blocked and we had to go around the Santhome to reach the foreshore estate and ship was standing very close to shore and waves were so ferocious, crashing on the ship to reach unusual high.

The ‘Prathibha Cauvery’ is a Mumbai based oil-tanker anchored near the Chennai Port with 37 crew members on board, among which 32 are rescued through helicopters but the five who clambered into a lifeboat as soon the ship goes aground were missing, after the boat capsized due to rough waves. (According to news in evening, 4 of them were found dead ashore today). I guess it was the ship that I saw couple of months back visiting the marina beach and I also captured in photo.

The ship which goes aground near Elliot Beach, was moved into the foreshore estate yesterday and the place had tuned into a new tourist spot now for people who keep on visiting the shore to see the ship. When the news of ship gone aground spread like the force of storm, there were many gathered at the seafront to see the ship even dismissing the meteorologic warning to stay inside the house till cyclone landfall completely.
Prathibha Cauvery
My Canon SX220 does a great job capturing the ship, enduring the strong wind even at maximum zoom!
A Cargo goes aground
There wasn't much crowd at marina, but the foreshore estate is flooded with human heads and people were keep on arriving and leaving as families checking the ship. The time we visited, a helicopter of the coast guards were lifting the crews or officials who come to check the ship and dropping at the shore. People were so excited to see the operation that they don’t get to see easily except if a Navy show seldom take place at Marina beach and the last time I check a ship very close was during one of the shows. 
A cargo goes aground
If u look carefully, a coast guard helicopter is lifting a crew on the  photo.


Magia da Inês said...

°✿ Olá, amigo!

É impressionante essas imagens... amostra da força da natureza.
Ótimo mês de novembro para você.

Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil.°✿

Destination Infinity said...

I could have gone, but with my bike it would have been difficult! Good to see the photos in your blog. They are very clear. Big ship it is!

I think the Navy should have a museum where they can dock one old ship (which is no longer operational) and show the various parts inside the ship to people (Looking at the interest this ship has generated).

Destination Infinity

TexWisGirl said...

the flooding is bad enough. the ship run aground is too bad!

George said...

You got some wonderful photos of both the flooded streets and grounded ship.

Devilish Angel said...

Nice photos...

Rajesh said...

There is total devastation everywhere. You have captured them in great detail.

Anonymous said...

Wow - those are some amazing shots!

Pattu Raj said...

Wow. So much water on the roadside in Marina!.Cant believe it.
Wonderful idea of you to go there and see the cyclone effect. Your narration too is covering the after effects , from the general public point of view.

Good post Jeevan. Thanks.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Jeevan!

eden said... is too much water. Great shots.

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone for the praise of photos!

D I – That’s a very good idea... and I too wish for such a museum. I know there’s a museum on submarine in Vizag and also read someone expressed the same idea in newspaper yesterday seeing the crowd gathering at marina.

Rajesh – It looks like that... but there isn’t much destructive. Flooding road in Maria beach is a usual occurrence after rain.

Pattu – Glad u get to check this post and pictures on Marina and effects of Neelam. But what it had done for Andhra is worst.

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