Thursday, November 29, 2012

Firework display during Deepavali

Coconut tree
Palm Tree Effect
From young to old everyone enjoys fireworks that blast into the sky; create an artificial florescent and colorful Rangoli in the present of dark nights and Deepavali is an occasion in India where fireworks displace enormous charming across the nation and adding more glorious to earth among the twinkling stars of universe. This Diwali I got a great opportunity capturing the vibrant firecrackers that fascinated the sights across the sky; and I spent more than an hour shooting the colorful comets at the neighborhood of Chennai – Neelankarai, at my grandmother’s sister house.

The pictures weren’t so spectacular and perfect at blossom, but I tried my best sitting on the power wheel chair with no preconscious from which side the florescent firework hold its display, clicked random from whichever direction it comes and by observing its blowup volume. It was enchanting and enthralling completely and I got to see variety of colors and designs beholding the sight and the sound cheering the festival spirit and celebration.

Following are few photos I captured from deepavali. Hope u like it!
Comets collage
Fireworks collage
Green comets
Green Comets
Red comets
Red Comets
Deepavali 2012


ladyfi said...

Wow - fabulous firework shots!

TexWisGirl said...

really great shots showing all sorts of different effects!

Devilish Angel said...


Krishna said...

Excellent capture and apt title for each photos


Ponniyinselvan said...

Super,super photos.

deeps said...

the fervor seems to be still on...

Simran said...

Wow! they seems magical and appealing!
Hats off to your art of photography!

Your big fan :)

Destination Infinity said...

Awesome photos. I tried to take a video, but I didn't get a decent footage. Your pictures are just very good.

Destination Infinity

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the fireworks. I know from experience how difficult it is to get sharp photos of fireworks. You've done very well.

Neal said...

You got some great shots. Gorgeous.

eden said...

Beautiful captures of the fireworks