Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Solitude under moonlit night

Romance under moonlit
Picture by Jeevan
There we’re sitting next together 
solely under the stunning moonlight;
admiring the silky shadow, ballet
on the surface of ocean ripples.

The cold sea breeze brushes us near
while the warmth inside embrace dear;
the moon chuckles looking at us giggle
to tickle and prattle in private privilege.

We have no idea what future beholds
even the presence of nature is unpredictable
but the moment being together, I feel
I could combat anything tries to battle us aside.

The shining florescent moon bakes
a silver sandwich, using the sky and sand
as two dark layers impound to nightfall veil
gives space for us unfolding our secret fondle.

We express desire along whisper of waves
while either of us inclines on one another
grasping the arms to crab tease or caress
in fondle beside cherish moonlit night.


The poem is an inspiration on the scene I captured (the photo above) at our nearby beach on Sunday. The evening was early to full moon night; I had a wonderful opportunity to capture the moon’s silver shadow falling on the sea and with the presence of a pair or couple, enhanced the scene into a perfect romantic evening. This is my second time to land upon a moonlit night where a couple come sat in front of the sea, where the silver shadow falls exactly or I come across the scene.


Anonymous said...

Very fine photograph (as always) and exquisite lines to match (as always too!). I cannot help but respect (and sometimes envy :D) the freshness of your phraseology. I thought that the following expressions/strings of words were delightful:

on the surface of ocean ripples[...]"

"[...]prattle in private privilege[...]"

The best of them all in my opinion: "The shining florescent moon bakes
a silver sandwich [...]"

Keep it up Jeevan!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What an amazing image to capture!! And beautiful writing. I think that moonlight reflecting off of water is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

George said...

Your photograph and the poem are beautiful. Inspiration really did come to you Sunday evening.

Jyoti Mishra said...

beautiful capture..
and those words were like cherry on the cake... made it much more lovely..

Moonlight the thing which covers us all equally but make us feel differently..

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful photo and great imagery in the poem, too. i liked this line especially: the silky shadow, ballet
on the surface of ocean ripples

ashok said...

very nice jeevan

Devilish Angel said...

Lovely photo and wonderful poem...

Betsy Adams said...

This may be one of your BEST poems... Talk about inspiration!!!!! You got it! I loved it --and the photo was great too.


Destination Infinity said...

The photo is very nice. I should try to photograph the sea on a full-moon night, as well.

Destination Infinity

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem and the picture is perfect.

Krishna said...

beautiful photo ... excellent captured...

nice lines that expresses the photo


Pattu Raj said...

Lovely lovely lovely photograph Jeevan!

And the poetry is getting better and better:-)

deeps said...

this is one of your best posts...
you capture an image and then be inspired by it to scribble a lovely poem...

Anonymous said...

Lovely shot and romantic words.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

That's a lovely photo to inspire your beautiful,poetry.

Indrani said...

Fantastic read Jeevan.
Lovely pic too.