Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vehicle Safari @ Topslip

Wild Sunset
Wild sunset captured through windshield  
It was first time for me taking a wildlife safari into the forest and Topslip offers two kinds of safaris on two phases. One at morning and another at evening and other than the vehicle and elephant safaris, hiking is also offered at exploring the forest with a guide walks on. Since we reached Topslip at noon, we had enough time relaxing and I wandered around the area and conversation with a guide excites more and made anticipation at safari. There are two timings for evening safari and we booked the 5 pm van ride which is only possible for me even its tough or impossible without carried by two or three. Glad the support from guides and my cousin helped me take a seat inside the van (swaraj mazda) and behind the driver seat I got wonderful view on front and side windows. My cousin, who sits beside, took care of me though the rough driveways and the safari lasted for two hours, before halt for sometime at the elephant camp inside the forest.
Traffic jam
A small traffic jam in jungle. One of the guides diving away a elephant (tamed) stood on the safari route.
He's the one I conversed during my afternoon stroll in Topslip
The elephant camp which is called Kolikamuthi is a place exclusively converted for elephants to keep trained and housed. There are elephants from juvenile to majestic old; stays at comfort and trained under the Malisar tribes who settled alongside the camp with families. The tribe belongs to the elephant handler’s caste are skilled in working with these Asian elephants. The camp which once allowed private vehicles to visit was banned and now the only way to visit was via the safari van or forest jeep. Even we had no opportunity encounter with wild animals during our safari, we are chanced to check the elephant camp to feeling better than disappointed a lot.

During the safari we found a tusker amid the wild, but before we touch engross a mahout’s head appeared atop draw backed the excitement and the elephant was grazing at the bunch of bamboos.  We also got to see Malabar giant squirrel and Nilgiri langur perch to a tree at far distance. Though we aren't fascinated by wild animals, the presence of nature throughout the course was awesome and adventures. Apart eyes were keen watching out the window and through windshield, the nose were inhaling the fresh breeze blowing on the face as I seated close to window. I sight an unusual sunset of glorious sun beams flashed between the woods. There was a beep sound accompanied throughout the course inside the van and a young guide kept hanging on the footstep whose job was to describe or identify any species found on the way.

Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp , Topslip

Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp , Topslip

A mahout driving a tusker in wild;
(right) Elephants at Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp. 

The safari comes to the conclusion about 7 pm with enough twilight left behind. I was able to see a bunch of deer on the grassland while returning on power wheelchair to the lodge after being shifted from van and once again the guides were helpful carry me out. Since we brought our pet along with us to Topslip, mom and bro couldn't join the safari as pets are not allowed inside the forest they stayed at room. We are glad at least the forest officers were favor to allow the pet to stay along with us with a condition of not bringing it outside. Because dogs are the favorite prey of leopards, the officers fear the animal might come sniffing the dog smell. Even at night we made sure, the dog doesn't make noise. It was really a terrific night yet exciting a lot with thoughts about staying amid wild and scare of leopards.
Into the wild
The scenic driveway into the wild (the safari track) 
[To be continued…] 


Anonymous said...

Oh wow - such wonderful and wild scenery!

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like an awesome tour!

Betsy Adams said...

That looks awesome, Jeevan. So glad you got to go on the Safari. I would LOVE it.... So exciting. Thanks for sharing.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love that sunset!! I want to ride one of those elephants :)

deeps said...

this is sort of 'out of Africa' :)

Destination Infinity said...

Elephants are wonderful!! I missed visiting this place when I was in CBE!!

Destination Infinity

George said...

This sounds like a wonderful experience. I'm very glad you were able to go on the safari and get these photos to share with us. It must have been interesting to visit the elephant camp.

Rajesh said...

This safari is exciting.

eden said...

Beautiful photos. That was so much fun, I think. I've tried once in Singapore but it was a Night Safari Tour.

Pattu Raj said...

Nice to note that there are good facilities for travelers to enjoy nature at its best. Lovely pictures too make this post a great experience. I have only heard of Top slip,did not know that one can go and spend time.