Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ethir Neechal - Family Entertainment

It seems humor has become favorite genre of filmmakers in Tamil these days releasing number of films based on humor and Ethir Neechal (swimming against the tide) is a decent flick comprising comedy and sports at equal base. Recapturing the caption of late super hit classic, stared by comedy king Nagesh, doesn't have any relation with this film having TV star Sivakarthikeyan in lead has run a marathon race successfully bearing humorous torch.

The film begins with the flashback of how Kunjithapatham allies Harish got the name and his past life that put him on trouble and embarrassment due to his name - which shortened version, makes him an object of ridicule among others. Kunijthapatham (a name of his family deity in the film) loses his father and lives under his mother’s shadow, go through number of embarrassing moments due to his name resisting him emerging atop. Even his first love brakes revealing his name, he decided to change his name on the advice of his friend and also met a beautiful girl Geetha and fall in love for her.

He also impressed her following  comedy series and once she reveals his real name,  she blame him for not being genuine unlike her and after a brief convince between them Geetha ask him to achieve something in life to stabilize his name.  So he decides to run in the annual Chennai Marathon bringing back his running abilities which he can’t establish then due to his name. The film shifts to a serious flat form of pursue athletes and dream of a father who wants her daughter to become a sports champion in running.

Attakathi heroine Nandita plays the young coach, whose desire to become a sport personality was splashed by false result in gender test... which reminds the Indian runner Shanti, from Tamil Nadu, whose medals were snatch as she lost to prove her gender. Sivakarthikeyan has once again proved his natural sense of humor and his innocent look, well fit to the character and Priya Anand as his companion acted beautiful as a school teacher. Manobala plays a numerologist makes laugh riot!

The film was directed by newcomer R.S.Durai Senthikumar, a former assistant of Vetrimaran and produced by actor Dhanush - who also danced for a song in the film. Kolaveri fame Anirudh composed the music and among the six songs, 'Boomi Enna Suthudhea' and 'Velicha Poove' are beautiful songs set happy and romantic mood. The theme song was energetic  The last few minutes on the marathon race make an apex seat watching and I really appreciate the way it was shot and confess the strain.

Ethir Neechal: A decent pace on entertainment pool and pursuit on sports! Assure for laughter and smile J


Destination Infinity said...

Some comedy movies in Tamil are good. I might watch this movie later on, but right now am not watching any tamil movies!

Destination Infinity

Betsy Adams said...

Looks like a funny movie. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you are enjoying your new home. It is GORGEOUS.


George said...

This movie looks like it would be an enjoyable change from many of the movies being made these days.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy a good comedy!

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

Dear Jeevan,
happy to see you enjoying the film.

Karen said...

I love movies that make me laugh. I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

Emmy said...

Sounds like a good film:)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful review. Movie sounds interesting.

Indrani said...

I may never get the opportunity to see this, but it was a fantastic read.

Meoww said...

I prefer to watch such easy and light comedy movies than the deep,tragic movies. Do keep posting about the latest movie updates, Jeevan!