Sunday, July 06, 2014

Life has been quite tiresome all these days, some indigestion or food poison has caused me sick and I’m still trying to come out to feel normal. I was vomiting, felt feverish and unlike to eat anything disturbed me and continues to produce certain effects here and there along with the hot weather switched on and off its engine. From the midnight of Monday to Tuesday night, the vomiting session took place and along with feverish and unlike to eat symptoms carried on until contacted doctor. Right now experiencing looseness, which could be perhaps because of overheated or reflection of medicines? 

Unexpectedly the death toll has touched 61 in the last week’s 11 storey collapses on the suburb. About 25 workers were rescued alive from the debris which lasted for a week. The news channels had just relaxed now after the govt.’s announcement of the place as protected area since the other 11 storey built aside the collapsed one is also in danger. It is expected to be demolished by bombs very soon. It seems like a worst disaster ever in the decade in Chennai after 2004 tsunami, the govt. has waked now to inspect the newly and under construction buildings on its strength. I think everyone expects something to provoke only then to take action or workout on constructive.

I’m not interested on anything do to these days and feel so abnormal to even involve in regular activities but just watching TV to pass every day.  Opened the laptop only to check mails and liking to be outside more. Glad this being a corner house I get to watch road activities from the front and side gates and lesser traffic in evenings enhances the breathe exercise. I watching sky, birds flew as clusters and gray clouds emerges, hoisting light rainbow colors… squirrels, parakeets screeching against sweetest Asian koels sings at backyard. I think I am sick only to seek so many happenings outside the home which I miss most of the time spent in front of the screen.

Wish me all the best :) 


TexWisGirl said...

i am so sorry you have been so ill! and in the heat it must seem doubly bad! i do hope you are recovering!

as for the building collapse, such a tragedy...

L. D. said...

Being sick does put you life on hold for a while. It gives you a different perspective of everything around you. I hope you digestion gets turned around and back to normal.

Rajesh said...

Changing weather has impacted everyone. Wish you speedy recovery to good health.

Destination Infinity said...

All the best :)

I wonder how they constructed such a large building without doing basic feasibility tests? And how permission was granted in the first place? Don't have time to get updated on this issue - getting info from your blog, mainly.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

Building collapse is a great tragedy in our city. Irresponsible people and officials. What will happen to the people who have invested their savings into this rubble of a house. Feel sorry for them.

The weather is improving now. Take care. You will be OK soon.

George said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well, and I hope you will soon have a complete recovery.

Betsy Adams said...

So sorry you have been sick. Having that kind of stomach thing plus having fever can really make one feel HORRIBLE. I hope you will begin to feel better soon.


Pattu Raj said...

Sorry about your ailment. This makes the sufferer weak in one day. Get well soon.
Sad about the building collapse and loss of lives. Real estate is a lucrative robbery for many contractors. Now a days more knowledge is required before we embark on building a house or buying a flat. Unless the buyer is smart cheating is the name of the game.

Nice that you get birds to watch. South chennai is green still.