Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ai (I) Audio

The hypes are something normal when it comes to big personalities in film and music industries. But many a time it doesn’t stand up to its faith. And anticipations are high normal when an enormous budget film is on news, comprising people renowned for their grandeur in filmdom. “Ai” has been in progress for a long time in filmmaking, under a budget which is ever so high in Tamil film industry. Don’t anyone will wonder, what would there be in a film to cost so much?  Yet, the film hadn’t released (but I hope it suppose to be terrific), the audio is out last week, witnessing the Hollywood and Kollywood superstars – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rajini Kanth. 

The film has actors in best, Vikram, and Emy Jackson of Madrasapattinam; and directed by ace director Shanker and music by Oscar winner AR. Rahman. Shanker films always spoke for songs and his way of shooting is something unique and quite impressive. With ARR music they transport us to a difference world! Though the audio of Ai is released, I couldn’t go completely denying the album despite being disappointed with the songs composed which perhaps could go well on movie front or the film needed so, but I don’t feel content with the way it was loaded. It was an album blended with various genre of music. 

Let me go first with my favorite in the album, Pookkalae Sattru Oyivedungal. The song is penned very simple, yet rendered beautiful in the soothing voices of Haricharan and Shreya Ghoshal. The lyric by Karky has really done justice to the song by relating the title Ai so well. Simply love the song.

On the line of melody, following Pookkalae, Ennodu Nee Irundhaal is a song with romantic feels thought it sounds like singing on path of pain and craving to unite. Among the two versions of the same, the reprise sung by Chinmayi and Sid Sriram was very pleasant and moderate at flow rather the other version that feels lag between the rhyme and rhythm.

Ladio is very stylish song defines the beauty of a perfect lady, and according to Karky’s lyrics the number 32 22 32 seems to be perfect.  The song sounds like an intro to the gorgeous Emy in the film.  Initially it felt like listening to a pop number from a popular English album, but slowly feels familiar as I find it sound similar to Irumbile oru Idhaiyam from Enthiran. Nikita Gandhi has a sexy tone and she emits words like delicate tidbits.

Mersalayitten is a fast track and in company of Neeti Mohan, the soup boy Anirudh has given voice a man who seems mesmerized (what “Meral” sounds like) meeting a most beautiful woman (of course who other than Emy) and sings a song with words he was familiar. Kabilan has written lyrics (in fun mode) giving emphasis to the local madras Tamil, which sure to strike across chennaities. I find my bro have this song as his ringtone.

Aila Aila sounds like a sort of stage play and Natalie Di Luccio gives a rustic voice, which seems to provoke agitation, as well something unpredictable astonishment. This is something offbeat to Tamil audience.  But great attempt by ARR, which isn’t new for him. 

Ai (I) Trailor: 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sounds like quite an interesting album Jeevan. Have a great day sir!!

Bio Toxin said...

that looks like a really trippy movie I'm going to have to see now

Destination Infinity said...

The trailer makes me afraid, I hope the movie is not as gory as the trailer makes it to be!

I listened to one song, it was fine. Should listen to other songs too, now. I think ARR's music grows with time, even if it isn't initially attractive.

Destination Infinity

George said...

I can only hope that the movie is as good as the audio seems to be.