Thursday, October 09, 2014

Blood Moon

Anew moon or blood moon... relieved eclipse.

Blood moon

A orange popped up the cloud or shadow of earth  

Blood moon

As a light of hope, moon bloomed out of gloom. 


I was at Elliot’s Beach last evening and quite forget about the eclipse until I find some orange shade on the sky. It was surprise to watch the moon unveiling the eclipse against the dark blue sky… though unclear, it was wonderful capturing the moon at it’s glorious.  


Renu said...

Do you, I mean here Tamilians have some rituals about solar eclispse?

Destination Infinity said...

I never get a clear shot of the moon with my camera! Excellent shots. But not a good idea to venture out during an eclipse and shoot!

Destination Infinity

Jeevan said...

Renu - Ya they have, but I have no knowledge about it. But in general they won’t eat anything during solar eclipse and take bath once it finished. I think it’s a kind of superstition... but I don’t follow or believe in those.

DI - I think its only during solar eclipse that going out or looking at sun is not good.

ladyfi said...

Gorgeous shots!

Uppal said...

Splendid pictures! Lucky you to have a glimpse of the gala event!!!

George said...

I like your photos of the blood moon. We had cloud cover, so I didn't get any pictures.

TexWisGirl said...

i forgot all about it. :)

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---how wonderful for you to get to see the full moon and eclipse ---and to be at the beach too. Made me wish I were sitting on a beach somewhere watching that!!! WOW... Congrats.

Chandra said...

I did not make time to watch the eclipse.
I am glad you did and shared it with us, Jeevan.
Nice photos!

Peace :)

Meoww said...

I missed the blood moon too. Your shots are lovely!