Saturday, December 20, 2014


I think Lingaa doesn't need an introduction. But for those still unaware, Lingaa is a Tamil film lead by Superstar Rajinikanth. The film released worldwide in number of countries is based on the construction of Mullaperiyar Dam and its master (British) engineer John Pennycuick. Lingaa has tried to recreate an era related to the construction of dam and recent issues and illusions relevant to same. The movie revolves around a small village and a Dam that acts as its lifeline has Rajinikanth in dual role, as Linga and Lingeswaran, represented the young characters of different period as grandson and grandfather.

Lingaa is a thief involves in small burglaries with his team for living and he’s resentment towards his grandfather, King Lingeswara, for leaving his successors penniless. But things being like that, he was forced to go to his grandfather’s village, Solaiyur, to reopen the temple built by King Lingeswara as it is believed that only his legal heir should open the temple. Lingaa uses this change to escape from the police for stealing a pricey necklace. But reaching there and on failure of stealing the temple’s Shiva Lingam, he transformed the environment into worshipping and also learns who Lingeswara is.

Later on the film travels back to 1930: where Lingeswara is a King of Kodiyur who on his father’s request becomes a collector in the British Government and also a civil engineer from Cambridge, plans to build a dam for the village of Solaiyur as they suffer from water problem. But the British Government’s decision to not obtain permission forced him to resigns his collector post and goes ahead to build the dam on his own and with the help of village people. But to complete the task he was forced to give-up all his wealth on the condition of a British collector to pass the orders and assist on supporting equipments.

Toward the current situation, the MP of the village tries to damage the dam for his selfish ends at the brim with Lingaa unearth his plan. The film with many star cast has done their part so well and also their performance vice appreciable. But still the film gives an incomplete feel with scenes unclear at their ends and characters failed to reproduce the connection that unrelated even to be a fiction. Obviously the Rajini’s appearance doesn't attract and isn't cheerful like watching a Rajini move. Better he retire soon or choose characters that suit him well rather discomforting himself to dance with his daughters aged or fight like an action king.

I feel the film could have been taken better, taking enough time to come up with better scenario instead recapturing or copy from old. The film was shot around some magnificent places like Mysore Palace, Jog Falls and Linganamakki Dam all situated in Karnataka. Sonakshi Sinha has tried to be innocent to her character but her face doesn't relevant to the other characters and the story that itself based on south India. The entertainment part is very less and wasn't interesting anymore but with this plot to be on period it would be wonderful if it made more on the reality platform.

 R. Rathnavel’s camera performed well, but it makes puzzle at certain sequences like the ridiculous climax fight at hot-air balloon, it’s the work of camera or graphics. Except Mona Mona, which sounds pretty, songs (music by ARR) aren't noticeable or perhaps I haven’t listen to the album until watching the movie in Drive-in. KS Ravikumar’s direction isn't such fair and many usual faces from his previous movies make sour. Overall Lingaa is an average movie which is unusual with Rajini! 


TexWisGirl said...

i hate when action films try too hard for special effects and fantastic scenes so they end up looking fake. :)

Namrata said...

You are the first south Indian guy in my knowledge to say ask Rajinikanth to retire. I fail to understand why such craze. It's hilarious to see a grandpa dancing with granddaughters in romantic track. :P

Sandhya said...

No, I never planned to watch this movie. I knew that I will not like it with an aged Rajini. I liked his Basha, Thalapathi etc., though.

Good analysis about the movie, Jeevan.

Destination Infinity said...

I think it was too much hype that spoiled the movie as it created over-expectations. I may watch it sometime later, not immediately.

Destination Infinity

Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Watched Linga and found it an entertaining masala pot boiler with opulent settings glamorous costumes unbelievable fight scenes and two young pretty and ravishing heroines.See this movie without any expectations and you will enjoy it.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Interesting plot line. I guess I will download it later to watch it.

Rajesh said...

With Rajani in the film you do not need anything in the film.