Saturday, January 03, 2015

Kayal – Fall in Love

Kayal is a feel good movie I watched, as a night show, from the usual drive-in theatre here and I enjoyed it quite heartfelt and moved at the same time.  Though the Tamil film is development on the background of 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the heart goes with the characterization – in a natural tendency, expression and attitude that drive towards admiration. All new/less known faces adds fresh coat to the scenario (that takes on a brief journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari) and gives a distinct feel related to the local realities.

The most pleasant thing to say about this film, which has pleased me even before its release, was the songs and music.  D.Imman’s composition was such a backbone to this film that featured a straightforward love story, simultaneously stroke the hearts strings causing pain and pleasure. Kayal (representing the title) is an orphan girl grows in a big family and guardian in her grandmother, encounters love when she meets Aaron, a traveller who proposes love confronting the big family, who caught him, along his friend Socrates, mistakenly for helping a runaway couple.

Aaron, along his companion Socrates lives a life travelling almost six months a year and works for the rest to spend their next half-dozen on travelling.  Coming across India, they head to Kanyakumari – almost their last destination of the country – while seeking a bright light which Aaron believes his destiny, finds out that the light  is nothing but Kayal. Feeling the love deep within, piercing the heart, the unrest Kayal leaves the house in instinct reaching Aaron while he’s on the same path, meets with great destruction but yet happy ending.

Epicentre with earthquake and tsunami, the film embark on a trail towards ending with anticipation. But what fascinates me lot was the lifestyle of the friends and love affair which incline some positive vibes, intertwine by realistic comedy produces a whole entertainment flick. The love expressed by Aaron (Chandran) and Kayal (Anandhi) through their eyes were powerful than the words conveyed. Anandhi has an expressive face, whether its pain or happiness receives to be real and natural. The mole beneath her lips was a notable aspect that adds beauty to her already exist face.

Directed by Prabhu Solomen, Kayal communicates the emotion of love and nature side-by-side... unlike his early films (Mynaa and Kumki) the director, even though he decided to send tidal waves, concluded without letting down. The tsunami related scenes were partially graphics and couldn’t provoke anymore, as it isn’t anything different from Hollywood movies, also reminds titanic when the companions run thought the railway station carrying a sack just like Jack and his friend embark the ship. The man floating on a piece of wood plank is also subject to same.

The film locations were one of the worth checking and most of the scenes captured in and around Kanyakumari sent me nostalgic with memories. Amazing to note the director has also shot a scene at the living bridges in Cherrapunji, along many unknown places were impressive. The camera work was fabulous and captured great light moments! Overall, Kayal was admirable. 


Twilight Man said...

Did I hear a Drive-in theatre? I have only seen this in American movies but we don't have this in my country. That sounds interesting indeed.
I bet this movie you watched will come to my country soon as we have many Indian movies showing always. They are always action packed!

TexWisGirl said...

i agree - neat that you have drive-ins there. so few are still operating in the US. :)

ashok said...

Good review Jeevan
..i will watch this

Destination Infinity said...

Some reviewers say that the film is more about good visuals and music, than good story. But having liked Kumki, I might like this one too, but I wish this was not a love story. Planning to watch it later, not immediately.

Destination Infinity

Jeevan said...

DI - Absolutely! The film is not only about Love... but you will love it indeed. Do watch it, let me know what you felt. I recommend theater watching

ladyfi said...

Sounds like a good film!

Uppal said...

Jeevan,Looks like you're a movie buff.Interesting,that you've a drive in theater for watching films. Way to go!

Arti said...

Sounds like a movie I would love to watch, brilliant review. Wish you and your family a very happy new year! :)

Indrani said...

I may not see the movie, but I am glad got to read your version. :)