Sunday, February 22, 2015

My new abode and stroll in wheels

As you all know I have shifted home to my pretty old area, where I born and brought up till I was 20. It was in 2005 we left our native house in Adyar for the convenience of mine, and to avoid the difficulty of being carried up and down (to the home in 1st floor) each time while going out, we shifted to three different places in a decade except staying at our own apartment flat for 7 years, others were rented. I never thought I would come back to where I belonged and also haven’t wished as I know it’s not possible to go back unless there is great alteration to my native house.  

We don’t find any difficult with this house, except for few more works related to plumbing has been pending for the owner of the house to be done. We have settled for a comfort stay and the house was spacious than expected to accommodate all our things and well lit and airy throughout the day. The house with front and back entrance facing each other, accompany by two big windows, make feel not choked inside. I think mosquitoes are something impossible to avoid and it seems they are presented no matter where but to feel glad they are growing less day-by-day as summer emerging.

And to say about the street we live in is much quiet and clean, but right now an apartment being built on opposite to this house has been the only disturbance and I know once it completed the tranquil will return. I always wished our native house was in this street esp. for its quietness and neatly presented houses. Housed very close to my native one, I come to see many familiar faces once again more and also got to converse with few after long back and reconnecting with memories. My uncle’s family (father’s bro), who is living in our native house, frequent to support us in all possible ways and my sister (cousin) also visits  me after her college to spent some time in evening. It’s so good to have someone to give company although she’s busy with her mobile most time. lol

Other day I went out in my wheelchair, for the first time on the streets where I wandered, run and played a lot and pedaled the cycle plenty of times. There isn't much change happened in my area in the decade past although I find some new apartments and reconstructions has emerged and roads enhanced to concrete from the tear up to tar. My uncle accompanied me, also led to our native house to say hi to my cousin and aunt who come down in regard receiving me as I could not go to their upstairs home. Like I wished not many noticed me in the area that day, as most are shifted to various places and those being in touch know my condition well but not many would seen me in wheels, but I was glad to meet my childhood friend Karthi on my way.  He used to come and talk to me anywhere he sees me but it’s been long back met him as well.

As I remember he’s my first friend and only through him I know others in my neighborhood and my best part of childhood days were also with him and his brother. Until 1998 before temporarily shifted to my grandmother’s house, as we reconstructed our own, I used to visit him as well as he and I also had a close friendship with his brother – which I don’t know how it broke – and his father also used to be friendly with us. Even though we were back within a year to our newly built home, my difficulty with life has brought a big void between our relationships in reaching or following back. Initially I thought some sales man was standing at the corner of the street, when I saw him that day but moving closer he came with a smile greeting me and also put me in wonder with great transformation in his look that almost resemble his brother.

After shifted here I feel nostalgic at every move out of the home. I remember that it was in front of this house I once fishing in the rainwater drain after some heavy showering. And those days it was the street that often used to be stagnant to rainwater where we come to play in water and I have drenched few times by slipping while playing in water. Ours was a continuous resident area and my native house being situated on the main lane/road; our playgrounds were the backstreets where the house of our friends located. There isn't a nook or corner left where my footsteps patched and I have walked these streets until my legs aches. And it was so good to be back, at least on wheels, to rediscover the area that I hold lot of memories. 


TexWisGirl said...

i am SO glad you like this house. and even better that the neighborhood feels like home. really happy you have family nearby and old friends, too. you are blessed to be able to return to a place that holds so many good times for you!

Rajesh said...

I am glad you are back in familiar locale and more comfortable.

Chandra Eswaran said...

Hi Jeevan,
It is often fun to go back to the home/neighborhood of our childhood days. I am glad you got to visit places where you played as a child - this is awesome. I am so happy for you!

Hope the new home brings you lots of happiness.

Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have returned home! And that's lovely.

George said...

Congratulations on being able to return to your old neighborhood. I'm glad your family found a home stable to your needs, and I know you will enjoy visiting old friends and scenes of your boyhood.

Destination Infinity said...

Great that you are able to reconnect with your childhood memories. I too walk by the place where I grew up sometimes for the memories. And I know it's a great feeling! Hope your stay here is longer and happier :)

Destination Infinity

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...


Twilight Man said...

It's like a Home Coming story and you do sound happy. May God Bless your home and family always.

Sandhya said...

Hope you stay in this happy house forever. I can see you are enjoying! Reliving your childhood is always great!

L. D. said...

Well I hope the good memories out weight the bad. It is good to be back home if it works for you. I hope the water problem gets fixed very soon. It was so good to see you met your old friend in the street and you had such a good visit.